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Maybelline Mascara ( Volum' Express The Falsies)

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Hello guys I’m so excited to share with you this mascara that I’ve been using recently it’s MAYBELLINE the FALSIES volume express, I’ve been loving this mascara, I do have a favorite mascara way back 2007, woah!!! too long huh! But any way kidding aside, yes it’s true I’ve been a Maybelline product user, I love their line of Mascara, the one that really nailed me to them was their Volume express water proof the one that I mentioned above, but the color of the packaging is black I think it is there first release of the volume express series , I really love that one because it can give my lashes a fuller and thicker look, without extension, but recently, they don’t produced that kind of mascara anymore, so I tried to venture out and find another one that will closely match to it, that’s why I landed on buying this mascara that I have right now, I’m loving it, when it comes to quality I can say 90% compared to the one that I bought way back 2007, it can give me full coverage, it’s also a water proof mascara please check below the difference:

I will definitely buy again, and I will be trying the blue one on this, by the way I bought this mascara in Ayala cosmetics section, Maybelline is available in any department store especially in Watsons.
I hope this will help, how about you what do you think about this mascara? is this worth buying for?

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We will triumph with the help of God who will trample own all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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OTG Cable

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Hello Good day!

Again I want to share this useful cable that I recently used. I thought it will be that pricey, but I bought this for just P30.00 at CD-R king.

While doing something on the net, I find it hard to upload some documents, there's two options (choose) and (submit) but when I tried to hit choose, it's not doing anything, so  tried to do it on my phone, log in to the site, and did hit again choose and it went through, it gives me an idea that I can do the whole process using my android phone instead of using my laptop. Having that thought, I already choose the file that I need to upload, but suddenly the site instructed me to crop the picture, when I tried to toggle to crop the picture, it will not allow me to move any direction, I can't crop the picture! Oh no! another dilemma, so that's how OTG (On-The-Go) cable came in, I bought one and then connect the other cord to my charger port, and connect the other end to my mouse, and there you go I was able to edit it! it was successful thanks to this OTG cable.

What does this OTG cable can do?

01. Connect your USB on your phone to transfer files directly to your phone or vice versa.
02. Connect your mouse to your android phone
03. Connect your keyboard to your android phone.

Maybe there's more but as of the moment this are the things I used OTG cable for.

Hopefully this can help in any means.

Till my next post!!!!! bye for now

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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