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Maybelline ColorInk

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Eyeshadow colors can enhance the beauty of our eyes, depending on how we use it, today I'll be sharing to you about this product Maybelline ColorInk in Beige.

 This is the product looks like, I like the packaging which is made of glass.

This is what's inside, as you can see on my swatches it's shimmery cream type eye shadow, at first when I saw this, I told myself that this eyeshadow would be great as an eyeshadow base, so excited to try it, I had 3 attempts using it, but I'm not satisfied with the result, I used my bare fingers to apply it on my eye lid, but the product is just too concentrated and will not glide easily as I blend it, so a lot of patches on my eyeshadow, maybe I'm not using it properly, so I tried to combine it with an eyeshadow cream which is lighter and more creamier than the Colorink and it works, I can easily blend it using my hands, but my adventure of experiment doesn't end. I decided to film and use the Eeshadow on my latest video which is the Christmas Makeup look, I decided to use a small concealer brush and before dipping the brush, I sprayed it with a moisture spray, and wow, I really love the result. From then on, I love using the product as my eyeshadow base and an eyeshadow ofcourse, what I love on it is, it can make the color of your eyeshadow pop even more.

Here's my video:

Hope you enjoy reading and watching my video.

Till next time, Merry Christmas and Advance Happy and Prosperous New Year

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