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A Pampering and Full of Knowledge MOM'S DAY OUT with SUNLIFE

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Hello my loves how are you? Though I always start with these questions, bear with me. I know someone is reading this page so, whoever you are wherever you are, I would gladly ask how was your day? If your having a good day then that’s good but if you’re having the opposite side then take it as a learning experience and remember that it will just pass by. 

Today I’ll be sharing to you an event for Mom’s which is headed by Sunlife. They called it
Mom’s Day Out.

Mom’s out there really needs to relax, reflect and most of all should take care of themselves. As a mom of 2 kids, to be honest handling kids would cause stress, not just kids but as a totality of being a mom. We get exhausted sometimes. That’s why we need to recharge and asses ourselves. It’s good that Sunlife brought this project Mom’s Day Out and it’s a blessing that I was part of it. I was able to indeed had a pampering session together with fellow mom’s who attended the event. We had Swedish massage at The SPA AT CEBU, delicious food and most of all an enlightenment on all the talks that was given to us. 

The first Speaker Mrs. Michelle Alignay was very enthusiastic of explaining  about Family Goals and how to have a Balanced Motherhood. I was also blessed upon hearing that she is part of Kerygma and indeed her talk was an enlightenment for me as a mom. The one that strikes me the most, when she talks about internal knot. As busy as you are. You can take a pause, stand behind a wall and feel what part of your body is hurting, for example you feel pain in your head. Maybe you will say, maybe it’s just a minor thing, but think why this particular part of my body is in pain? Try to remember. Maybe you’re not sleeping well or you take a lot of time on social media and using your eyes too much. It could be the reason. So it’s time to asses yourself how you could prevent it from happening again, maybe you could lessen the facebook time or better sleep early. Too much emotions could be also an internal knot so beware of it.

She shares that If we give ourselves time to recharge we could be a better mom, wife and in everything we do. Because after the recharging, assessing we feel good and could do great things.

So don’t be guilty if you give your selves time. Just enjoy the moment and get back to your family and be a better person.

The second speaker was Mrs. Rosario Rivera shared how to make us manage our money and the topic that I like as a take home is when she shares about the different behavior of money managing which is mom's should practice behavior 3 SAVE First before spending. Yes indeed sometimes we spend before saving. 

And Sunlife can help us better manage our finances and make it grow.  One of their plan that has a special approach especially for mom's, particularly parents out there is the MYFUTURE FUND
Where in you can prepare finances in advance for your kids future. You can allocate it for their education or whatever purpose that serves them best.

Know more on how to avail different services that Sunlife offers and manage your financial status efficiently through them, check their social media website

or call them directly on their hotline for further inquiries.

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I hope that we become better mom's by providing brighter future for our kids. Thank you for dropping by. Till my next post.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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Kilay Goals Benefit Brows 101 at SM Seaside Cebu

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Hello my loves, how are you today? let me share one of the good things I had today.

Benefit PH at SM Seaside Cebu had a brow workshop and I'm so blessed to be part of it. I'm one of the person who believes that KILAY is LIFE. I'd rather have kilay (eyebrow) than lipstick, hahaha!!! I'm happy to teach others as well on what I have learned and desiring to improve my skills. That's why I'm grateful being able to attend.

One of Benefit Brow Artist shares how to attain a natural brows.

1. Trim, you should trim your brows to prepare it before waxing or threading, for some people they pluck their brows, so prior to that, Trimming is really needed.

2. Brow mapping: Brow mapping is where you're going to trace, the start point of your brow, arch and the tail of your brow.

3. Brow waxing: Brow Waxing is not really popular in Cebu,  I think, mostly people tend to use threading method, pluck or even use blade to clean the edges of their brows and I'm one of that. You can also visit professionals to do it for you, Benefit has brow experts to assist you. You can visit their stores nationwide and it cost. P700.00. The Brow Artist from Benefit shows to us, how they did it, They have certain products that they use especially special benefit oils prior to waxing to prevent certain pain compared to treading. By the way they're using hot wax which is a good wax for facial wax as well. But they're not offering facial wax though.

4. Outlining your brow: after Brow mapping, waxing and cleaning, it's time to outline as mentioned in Brow mapping you should find the first point, arch and the tail. Each person has a unique face, so we all have different brows. Find the three point and your good to go. The Benefit Brow experts, uses the Brow pencil to define the brows, She suggested to use a light and darker shade. It is used to outline and filling the brows.

5. Set your eyebrows: Setting your eyebrows is important. Benefit has a clear brow gel that is super long lasting, Water proof, so if your going to a beach or swimming on a pool and wanted to have a brow on fleek then this is very useful.

Simple as it is, but the key is to maintain the Benefit Brow artist suggested that after waxing do not wet the brow area with water at least 6 hours and do not apply any skincare on the area for 24 hours

As you can see on the picture below. I was surprised because browse has a primer, to be honest it's my first time hearing about  it. The brow artist explains to us why it is important to have this. This is very important to take care of your brows especially those who have spars brows, You can leave it overnight and it will really help your brows looking healthy.

Roaming around the store I also noticed they have these cute travel pouches
inside were cute sizes of Benefit cosmetics for P1,900.00
Personally my fave was the Work Kit Girl.
Porefessional, Hoola Bronzer, Roller Mascara and the Benetint.
Sorry Benetint is missing in action, I forgot I was holding it. Hahaha!!!! 

I wish they have more sample sizes here in Cebu. I love Benetint it's cute

They also have new line of concealers.

I haven't try these products but it looks promising. I was interested with the airbrush concealer because of its long lasting properties, product claims to be waterproof. That's exciting isn't it?

By the way Benefit Cosmetics here in Cebu is having a 20% off on all their brow products until July 31, 2017. So don't hesitate to grab the opportunity. Visit their branch at SM Seaside Cebu.

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Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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Princess Mononoke Anime Makeup Tutorial

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Hello My loves, how are you? Lately I was inspired to make an Anime Makeup Series, currently, I'm working on another one, while writing this blog. But anyway today I'll be sharing to you my Princess Mononoke Inspired Anime Makeup.

A little background, Princess Mononoke is known as the wolf princess because she was raised by the Wolf god who protected the forest and when the health of the forest is at stake they have to defend it. 
This Movie is a good reminder for us to take care of our environment.
Learn more about this movie here

Products I used in this tutorial:

Revlon Color Stay
L.A Pro COncealer
Nichido Ivory Powder
Loreal La palette Nude
Maybelline masterliner
NYX White jumbo pencil
NYX Red Matte Lipstick
Nichido Pencil Liner
Essence Frappuccino Lip liner

Since I started this series, I hope you could give me an idea on what tutorial you wanted to see next. Please enjoy and don't forget to subscribe and click the notification button. Thank you

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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It's Better to Rest Than to Quit

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Hello my loves, how are you? It's been a while everything's colder than I thought. Recently to be honest I'm in a middle of no motivation to write a blog and make a video to upload on my youtube channel. Since I can see that I'm in a middle of crises I need to find a way to keep burning, but it's not happening at all. I resorted to making myself distracted of things that I like, like watching Korean Dramas and just enjoying every time that I have with my family. No deadlines to meet and just go with the flow. I believe it's better to rest than to quit, that's one of my principles. But the question is until when will this rest will end. I will be in great trouble if I'm always in my comfort zone, not challenging myself will lead to laziness in content creating. In this state, I tried to tell myself to be motivated in everything that I see. This maybe not relatable for you, but as a person who's fun of arts, this situation is happening to every artist. Sometimes we are not motivated and really needs time to get back on track. I know that this is just temporary, but inspiration is on its way, I mean blessings are on its way. This black day will pass and there always be brightness in everything. Currently, I'm digging myself to find a motivation for everything I do. 

I've been watching a lot of Korean series, which I love during my younger age, hahaha!!!. I will be sharing to you my review of the list of my must watch Korean Dramas for the month of July, so keep in touch. I wanted to make a review each of the series, but I think it will be a spoiler to those who haven't watch, so I'll just make up a list and what I think about the drama. 

Going back to my early topic, I encouraged those people who are in the same shoes to keep on pushing, find an inspiration and keep moving forward. As what I've said, it's better to rest but do not quit.

I have written How to Overcome Your Depression, kindly read it here. I believe it will be useful to you. 

I'm currently finishing a makeup tutorial for you, it's more focused on manga series. I hope you will look forward to it. I'm in a situation of making myself a better person on my field, so I hope you will still be with me. I'm also currently attending different types of workshop especially on makeup artistry, keep in touch.

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Godbless you

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We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation Review

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Hello my loves how are you? lately, I'm quite busy with my work, but today, I'll be sharing to you my latest discovery, hahaha! You know that my all time favorite foundation is the Revlon 24 hour Color stay but as you all know I also wanted to try some products, and I decided to try the Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation.

I got this at Watson for P425.00, I got the shade 04 (Natural Shade)

Product Claims

Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation contains SPF 24 P++
Air-Whipped Liquid Foundation is a unique airsoft formula that provides poreless, Satin Smooth Looking Skin. Extraordinary coverage that does not clog pores. It also claims that it is long lasting and moisturizing all day.

I applied the other side using the flat kabuki brush from Sigma and the other half I used the RT Blending Sponge. Indeed the foundation looks really good on my skin, it covers my under eye circles and, blemishes and pimples. It has a sticky consistency but as applied to my face, it blends really well and it's buildable. It has a medium coverage, but if you like to have a full coverage, you need to apply 2 layers. For my face, I just applied one layer. It didn't give me a sticky feel. It's very lightweight and not irritating on my skin.

As usual, on my review, I always test it by no retouch and I always check when will my face starts to oil up. After 3 hours the side of my nose oils up already, By the way, I finished applying the foundation around 1:49 pm and after 3 hours oils are visible in the center of my face, especially the t-zone. But the one thing that surprised me is that it's still comfortable and not sticky at all.
After that I went to the market to buy some stuff and take note it was very hot outside and I arrived home at 9 pm and as I checked my face again, its super oily, not just on my t-zone but all over my face. This is the first time that I get rid of the oil on my face. I used a piece of tissue and I'm back with my fresh face.If you don't have a blotting paper use a tissue instead it's a good alternative. I noticed that there's a bit of transfer. After blotting the oils The foundation was still there. I'm impressed with its longevity. I normally use my favorite setting powder which is the Nichido Ivory Glow and it's a good price wise pair for the foundation.

What I like
  • Buildable 
  • Easy to blend
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Not Liquidy
  • Affordable
  • SPF 24 for Skin Protection
  • Very soft and lightweight on skin
  • Not sticky on my face
  • Not cakey
  • It has a pump
  • Blot oils if visible and you're good to go (Don't worry because the foundation stays on face for a longer period of time
  • Use a setting powder after applying to add up to its longevity.
Would I repurchase?
Yes of course 

By the way, I made a video for you to see it in action. Please don't forget to subscribe and click the notification button to be updated.

Thank you for dropping by, Godbless

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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Korean Drama That I Watched for the Month of June

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Hello, my loves it' been a while, how are you doing? I'm almost done with my break, I've been missing in action on all my social media accounts, no upload in youtube, no post in Instagram and FB for the past weeks, but I'm just resting, rest is better that to quit right?

Today I'll be sharing to you Korean Dramas that I've watched for the month of June and what's my thoughts about it. A little background I'm a Korean Drama fanatic, ever since I stop viewing last 2007 and because of curiosity on Goblin my greed started again, greed may not be the right word to use, but just take it as it is, hahahah! Here's the list of it.

1. Goblin: As I said earlier this hype of mine started with the intention to watch Goblin and I'm on the line again, I was super hooked to the point of watching the whole Korean drama 3 times already planning to watch it again though, why? I love the cinematography, effects, sound quality, music and all it's cast, they are all well crafted. I just admire every effort they put in on that drama and the storyline was also great by the way! A lot of people are curious about the main role the Goblin itself, which is played by the famous actor, Gong Yoo. Personally, I admire him as an actor, He can portray a lot of emotions in raw, very genuine, but for me, every cast was awesome, they made the main role shine. not just the cast but the whole production team, from design, props, costumes, and editors, especially directors. congratulations team. Because of that inspiration, I also made a makeup tutorial on my youtube channel, the Goblin bride makeup tutorial back to school edition. you can watch it here: Don't judge okay? this is a five star for me.

2. The Legend of the Blue Sea: I like the drama since I love fantasy stories, It did move my heart due to the fact of the love the mermaid did endure everything to get to her one and only love. The stoy line is good but I did watch it once and that's it. The end of the story is good and you know that both of the stars who played the main role are famous. Lee Min Hoo and Jeon Ji Hyeon was a great pair. The only thing that bothers me about the story is the mermaid keeps on erasing the memories of the one she loves and ended up showing to him again and the story keeps evolving on that. It was a good drama though just stating what I felt, don;t get me wrong. This drama is a 4 star for me.

3. Love In The Moonlight: This story is more on the historical side, if you love Kings story who fell in love with a normal person then this is a must watch, the story was cute and challenging. The girl pretended to be a man to hide her identity. I don't want to be a spoiler but all I can say is this is a great historical drama, which will make your experience worth it. The lead role was Park Bo Gum, He is very handsome I tell you and fitted to his role as a king oh a crown prince first. hahaha. This drama made me cry to the fullest, hahaha! This is a 5-star Korean drama. I watch this once but I will watch again that's for sure.

4. Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy: This is the story about a student falling in love with a teacher and history repeat itself, what I love in this story is not just focused on the main character but also with the students. each student has its story to tell and has a spotlight and each story are extraordinary. The teacher portrays a big role especially in forming the students future. with matching martial arts involved. This drama is a bit old, but you will fall in love with it and the each line the actor says will really remain. The cast was amazing. The ending was super cute, I tell you this is worth watching. This is a 4 star for me.

5. Big: I watch this because Gong Yoo is the actor and indeed it didn't fail me. This is a unique story about a soul transferred to another body and you will be surprised with the reason. This is also a teacher to student kind of story but the story line is different. Because of a certain accident the student life was changed. This is a 3 star for me.

6. Coffee Prince: Sorry to tell but I'm watching Gong Yoo's drama lately because I know His good on this craft. This story is a bit old, but this story is one of a kind, just to make a living a simple woman, act as a man to stand as a breadwinner to her family and met an arrogant rich heir who has a lonely heart and each met in situation of give and take which their love blooms. This is definitely a must watch love story. You will not find special effects but you will really enjoy the plot of the story, There's no boring scene. This is the first Korean Drama series that interest me because Gong Hyo Jin and Gong Yoo partnered on this series, which until now considered as best of friends. That's a trivia okay? but I guess you know it already, just saying though. I've watched this twice.

7. Strong Women Do Bong Soon: Seriously this is a cute Korean Love story that you must watch I love the looks of both characters, they're both attractive. Park Bo Young is such a cute doll. I can't even forget her face she's s adorable. This story revolving around the story of the women born in the family will have extraordinary strong power and the main role wanted to use it to save other people. Park Yungshik was such a good looking guy as well. I've been eyeing on his projects and fell in love with his voice. He is so talented actor and singer. Anyway, the drama is a good comedy romance. This is a 5-star Korean drama.

8. Scarlet Heart Ryeo: This Korean Drama, drives me nuts. It made me mad to the point I don't want to watch it but  kept watching it, hahaha, so much suspense and historical side as well, a lot of spilled blood. This drama drives me crazy, to be honest. The ending is not what I've expected that made me hanging at the end. It seems there's a part 2 but I think they will not make it. I love the character especially the strong personality of the male role Lee Joon Ji, but brothers end up in a messy relationship because of the girl, doesn't seem appealing. using each other to claim the throne. Ah while writing this it just makes me anxious. That's the truth. as in Nakaka irita. I love the characters though, they are all good. I just don't like the story. But the director portrays a good story though because I was able to watch until the end hoping for the best result but the result that I was hoping did not happen.

9. My Secret Romance: This story is quite manly, romantic and for those who are into Romantic love story this is a must watch, You will really fall in love with the main role Sung Hoon. His voice has such a huge impact, you will fell in love with his voice, that's the truth. The story revolves in a one-night stand with a girl, which He can never forget and he was deeply in love with her and the surprising part is what is his remembrance from that night will shock you, hahaha, definitely a must watch. The last 2 episodes were a bit dragging but it was worth to watch.

10. Hwarang: I'm looking into a good historical drama and this didn't disappoint me. All of the characters are handsome. Hahahaha, the story line is very good as well. It's never boring to watch and indeed a page turner. The story of a faceless king and a mother who tries her best to protect her son was such a torture and eventually, the King gained confidence through the friendship He found in Hwarang. I really recommend this Korean Drama, You will never regret watching it. By the way, Park Yungshik is partly having the main role. His beautiful face made this drama radiant and the strong character of Park Seo Joon perfected it. They are a good team by the way Go Ah Ra has beautiful eyes, just saying though. Especially how it turned out at the end. Friendship prevails rather than revenge.  This is a 5 star for me.

Currently, I'm watching Pinocchio and I'm on its 10th episode though. How about you are you watching Korean dramas as well? can you share your favorites, give me your suggestions below and I'll be happy to watch it. Give me your recommendations.
So far my ultimate favorite in this Dramas are GOBLIN, HWARANG and LOVE IN THE  MOONLIGHT.

I'll be happy to hear from you, thank you for dropping by, till my next post.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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