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Honda Philippines’ CRF Clinic and Track Day: Off-Road Fun and Knowledge for Everyone Honda Philippines, Inc., and JMS Motocross School partner for a memorable Off-Roading clinic

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 Honda Philippines’ CRF Clinic and Track Day: Off-Road Fun and Knowledge for Everyone 

Honda Philippines, Inc., and JMS Motocross School partner for a memorable Off-Roading clinic

Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI), the No.1 motorcycle manufacturer in the country together with the JMS Motocross School recently organized the first Honda CRF Clinic and Track Day. This was in line with the company’s initiative to further promote off-road riding by giving Filipino riders the chance to learn the necessary motocross skills from one of the best motocross schools in the country. 

The fun activity was facilitated by the legendary Off-Road rider Coach Jovie Saulog of the JMS Motocross School. 

Participants had the chance to learn about the product facilitated by Emmanuel Dayo, Honda Philippines, Inc. MC Sales Coordinator. The seminar was followed by an Off-Road Training Lecture and an actual demonstration, respectively. This ensured that the attendees were better prepared on how to handle the motorcycles. 

“We are privileged to be partners with the Honda Philippines and excited to have the CRF bikes for use in the school. This partnership is important to our organization because we believe that this gives us the opportunity to further promote and professionalize the sport of motocross,” said Coach Jovie Saulog of JM Motocross School. “Moreover, motocross is fast becoming a popular sport, and getting more people interested in this can get more people to engage in it.” 

The Honda Off-road competition bikes showcased during the event, namely, CRF125F, CRF150R, CRF250R, CRF250RX, and CRF450R. Furthermore, vloggers and media attendees also got the opportunity to experience riding these awesome bikes at the clinic. This way, the participants got the chance to find out which motocross bike best suits them. 

Starting with the CRF125F, with an SRP of Php189,000.00 features a 125cc, Air-cooled, Single-Cylinder, 2-Valve, 4-Stroke, with a 260mm Ground Clearance, 785mm seat height. These specs make the bike ideal for beginner riders, particularly youngsters. The CRF150R (SRP of Php306,000.00) on the other hand is powered by a 150cc Liquid-Cooled, 4-Valve, 4-Stroke Unicam Single engine. When combined with its 336mm Ground Clearance, and 866mm seat height this bike offers outstanding performance for riders with greater Off-Road riding experience. 

Honda also showcased the CRF250R and the CRF250RX that are engineered for Filipino riders who are looking for a bike that can allow you to explore the outdoors with ease. With an SRP of Php459,000.00 and Php469,000.00 respectivelythese bikes are equipped with a 250cc Liquid-Cooled, Single-Cylinder, 4-Stroke DOHC engine offering enough performance to tackle your favorite off-road course. Where they differ is the CRF250R features a 333mm Ground Clearance, 961 mm Seat Height and 104kg Curb Weight with rear tire size of 100/90-19 Pirelli MX32 Midsoft. These features make it an ideal bike for Off-Road enduro race. While, the CRF250RX boasts a 335mm Ground Clearance, 964mm Seat Height and 108kg Curb Weight with rear Tire Size of 110/100 – 18 64M making it perfect for both trail and enduro races. If you want the best of both motocross and enduro worlds, the CRF250RX suits you. 

Finally, Honda also provided the CRF450R for riders who want to seriously get into motocross racing. This race-winning bike is powered by a 450cc Liquid-Cooled 4-Stroke Single Cylinder SOHC 5-speed manual engine. When combined with its 49mm Upside-Down Front and Pro-Link Rear suspension - both by Showa - as well as 21-inch front/18-inch rear wheels, you get a motorcycle that’s both powerful and easy to handle. But that’s not all; this bike is also equipped with HRC Launch Control and Engine Mode Select buttons giving you a definite performance edge over the rest of the competition. 

All in all, the Honda CRF Clinic and Track Day ended on a high note as it provided a fun and exciting experience to its participants while it promoted the sport of motocross and adventure to its enthusiasts. So, check out the Honda CRF model line up to see what real fun and excitement is all about!  


For more information, visit Stay updated on Honda’s newest products and promos by following Honda Philippines, Inc. on Facebook ( and Instagram (, Youtube (HondaPhilippines_Motorcycle) and Tiktok ( or contact (02)-8581-6700 to 6799, and  


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Exploring the Tranquil Beauty of Discovery Bay and Savoring Authentic Italian Cuisine

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Welcome, fellow adventurers, to a journey that promises both natural splendor and exquisite culinary delights. Today, we're leaving behind the bustling streets of Tsim Sha Tsui and venturing into the serene haven of Discovery Bay. Join me as we embark on a day filled with breathtaking views, tranquility, and a delicious rendezvous with authentic Italian flavors.


Our day begins with a ferry ride across the iconic Victoria Harbor, a voyage that treats us to mesmerizing panoramic views of Hong Kong's stunning skyline. The gentle breeze and shimmering waters make for a perfect introduction to the beauty that awaits us.

As we step off the ferry in Discovery Bay, we're instantly enveloped in a sense of tranquility. The verdant landscapes, rolling hills, and crystal-clear waters create an enchanting backdrop that seems worlds away from the city's hustle and bustle. It's a place where nature's beauty takes center stage, inviting us to disconnect and rejuvenate.

Among the many gems that Discovery Bay holds, one spot stands out for both its ambiance and delectable offerings – The Rink Italian Kitchen. Imagine indulging in the true essence of Italy right here in Hong Kong. From the moment you walk in, the aroma of freshly baked pizzas and the warm ambiance set the stage for a remarkable culinary experience.

The menu at The Rink is a testament to authentic Italian cuisine. From traditional pasta dishes that transport you to the cobblestone streets of Rome to mouthwatering pizzas that are a celebration of flavor, every dish is a masterpiece. Each bite is a symphony of taste, evoking memories of Italy's picturesque villages and vibrant markets.

As the sun sets on this remarkable day, we reflect on the seamless blend of nature's wonders and culinary artistry that Discovery Bay offers. From the ferry rides that connect us with Hong Kong's heartbeat to the serene beauty that embraces us in Discovery Bay, it's a tapestry of experiences that leaves an indelible mark.

Our journey from Tsim Sha Tsui to Discovery Bay has been a reminder of Hong Kong's diverse treasures. We've marveled at the juxtaposition of urban vitality and tranquil landscapes, and we've indulged in the flavors of Italy at The Rink Italian Kitchen. This adventure serves as a testament to the power of exploration – the ability to uncover hidden gems that enrich our lives in unexpected ways.

So, fellow travelers, whether you're a lover of breathtaking vistas, a food enthusiast, or someone seeking solace in nature's embrace, Discovery Bay has something special to offer. Until we meet again on our next adventure, remember to savor life's beauty, both natural and gastronomic.

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Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry Biz Summit 2023: Prepare for coming economic growth, business sector urged.

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 Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry Biz Summit 2023: Prepare for coming economic growth, business sector urged.

The business sector has to adopt sustainable practices and technological advancements to prepare for the country’s projected economic development.

Speakers discussed various concerns and opportunities for the business sector during the Mandaue Business Summit 2023, one of the activities of the Mandaue Business Month (MBM) 2023. MBM is an annual event organized by the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI).

Swedish Ambassador Annika Thunborg spoke on “Sustainability in the Circular Economy.” Ambassador Thunborg described how Sweden transitioned to a circular economy by implementing sustainable practices and innovations.

The ambassador cited several strategies such as the use of renewable energy, wastes turning into resources through recycling, and the adoption of technology to promote sustainability. Sweden also has an efficient mass transportation system composed of railway systems and electric-powered buses, among others.

Economist and licensed environmental planner Ronilo Balbieran who gave updates on the Philippine economy urged businesses to use this time to expand their business so they could benefit from future economic growth.

Balbieran explained that the Philippines’ strategic location, tech-savvy young population, and potential to become an international digital gateway would help the country achieve economic growth.

He said that the Philippines could soon become a landing point for internet cable projects in Southeast Asia.

Mr. William Tiu Lim, chairman of Mega Prime Foods Inc., talked about “Embracing the New Era with Business Innovations.” He shared his insights on how they became the leading company in their product line.

“We were number 26 (among the companies producing canned sardines),” Mr. Lim recalled. During his presentation, Mr. Lim discussed the various innovations that the company implemented, including the adoption of automated production processes.

He also emphasized the importance of communication among the older and younger family members on business strategies.

Prof. Christopher Monterola, Aboitiz Chair in Data Science and Head of the Aboitiz School of Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, discussed how businesses could anticipate the impact of disruptive technologies on markets and companies.

Professor Monterola gave various examples of how artificial intelligence can help make business processes easier and faster.

Ms. Sarah Mathews, Digital Marketing and Strategy Expert, focused on how the travel industry can use new technology to expand the market in her topic “Exploring the Horizon: Next-Gen trends in Travel and Tourism.”

Ms. Mathews encourages those in the travel industry to use technology such as artificial intelligence to make their businesses more responsive to travelers.

National and international motivational speaker Arun Gogna talked on the topic of Leadership and the Highest Goal, providing insights on game-changing concepts and strategies that you can apply in your companies and organizations.

Business Summit 2023 chair Walter Ong, chief financial officer of Worldwide Steel Group Inc., explained that they carefully chose the set of speakers for this year’s Business Summit.

“We were looking for speakers in different industries for a better holistic view. It's about AI, travel, and tourism updates in the economy. These are the things we need in order for us to be at par with the rapid changes,” Mr. Ong said.

“Hopefully, we can apply the learnings in our respective businesses. We need to change and adapt to what’s really happening in the economy,” he added.

Mandaue Business Month 2023 chair Mark Anthony Ynoc also stressed the importance of education. “Education is quite important - the reskilling, the upskilling, and putting in the right tools and equipment to better equip and understand forecasting in the future.

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Budgeting Hacks: How to Manage Your Kids' Back-to-School Expenses this Season

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Budgeting Hacks: How to Manage Your Kids' Back-to-School Expenses this Season.

Enjoy Home Credit's back-to-school cash loan promo with just 1 minute processing time! 

As the upcoming academic year approaches, most parents, especially moms, are gearing to ensure a smooth back-to-school season for their kids. This entails making sure that tuition fees and miscellaneous expenses are settled in time for the beginning of classes while providing everything they will need, including textbooks, pens, paper, uniforms, and even gadgets, to be equipped with the right tools for their school tasks.

However, the overall cost of these back-to-school needs can strain your finances, especially when you have a fixed monthly income. This is why it is crucial to manage your expenses properly. As this task can be quite challenging, here are some smart budgeting tips you can apply to avoid overspending in the upcoming school year. 

These insights have been shared by Home Credit, a prominent company specializing in consumer finance.

Establish a list of school essentials, other important expenses.

Creating a detailed list provides an overview of the essential items your kids will require and the fees you need to pay for the upcoming academic year. This allows you to prioritize what back-to-school needs should be taken care of first while not missing out on anything important. 

Before finalizing your list, do not forget to check your kids’ school supplies from the previous school year. Once you determine which items can be reused this season, you can check them off to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Determine your budget

Now that you have a comprehensive list for the back-to-school season, you can start looking over or estimating the costs of everything your kids will need. From there, you can establish a realistic budget based on your financial capabilities. This allows you to better manage your finances and make informed shopping decisions.

Take advantage of deals, discounts

Sales and discounts can significantly reduce the total cost when you are shopping for supplies. Taking advantage of such offers will allow you to save more money without compromising the quality of the items. At this period, you can also buy in bulk so you will have a stock of school supplies to last the whole academic year, minimizing your kids’ school expenses in the long run. Additionally, this will enable you to stretch your budget further to purchase additional items for your kids or redirect the saved funds to other essential expenses at home.

The key to your back-to-school budget! 

If you are looking for a convenient and reliable solution for your budget in preparation for the upcoming academic year, Home Credit has you covered, as it offers a back-to-school cash loan promo for its eligible customers until August 31, 2023

By visiting the My Home Credit App, you can now easily apply for a cash loan anytimeand anywhere. With just one minute of processing time, you can avail a minimum of PHP 3,000 up to PHP 150,000 loan amount to cover your kids’ expenses this season—be it tuition fees, school supplies, and more. You can also enjoy flexible payment options that range from 12 to 60 months and get up to five months of free installments if you are an eligible customer who pays on time.

You are qualified to get this promo if your account is active and in good credit standing during the offer period. You can also enjoy Home Credit's ongoing promotions even after participating in the back-to-school cash loan promo.

Grab this amazing offer while it lasts! Take advantage of Home Credit’s promo to ensure your kids are well-equipped to face the new school year without breaking the bank.

To know more about the latest updates from Home Credit Philippines, visit its official website, www.homecredit.phYou may also follow its official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts. Customers are also encouraged to download the My Home Credit App on Google Play to learn more about the latest promos and see what’s new in the Marketplace. 


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