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Mobile Legends: Pharsa Makeup Tutorial

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Peace, hello my loves how are you? I haven't posted lately but today I'm back with a new makeup Tutorial inspired by MOBILE LEGENDS BANG BANG! NEW HERO! WINGS OF VENGEANCE "PHARSA"

To be honest, this is my first time using face paint and I admit, it gave me hard time while learning how to play with it. I think the Black Face paint that I got is a glycerin base since it has a glycerin product content. They said that wax is better, but for a beginner like me, I would prefer the cheaper ones as of the moment. Still trying to play with the amount of water ratio to be applied to make the color pop even more. I used 2 applicator which is a foundation brush and a sponge. I don't have face paint brushes as of the moment so I used the tools that I have, since this tutorial is a requested one, so I tried my best to come up with a decent video, hahahah!!!!

I hope you enjoy the tutorial cause I had a great time doing it. Please don't forget to like share and subscribe. To be notified of my new videos please include clicking the bell icon. Thank you so much.

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We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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Experience MC DO KIDDIE CREW Summer Workshop #McDoKiddieCrew

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Peace, hello my love's sorry I've been MIA lately, hahaha!!!! how are you? I miss you. today I'll be sharing my daughter's experience or plus me, hahaha!!!! as a mom, we always support our child's endeavor right. Recently my daughter had a fun and knowledgeable experience from Mc DO Summer workshop " MC DO KIDDIE CREW"

This workshop has different types of training, from engaging to people, making their own food, and artworks.

The Program was started with a registration, then they are given, their mini athlete bags, chef uniform, t-shirt and all their needs during their training.

The kids are group into 3 groups, red, pink and green, Each group had their own leaders or "ate" for monitoring purposes.

My daughter's group was first assigned to greet guest from counters, They are given a chance to engage with the customers to take their orders, of course, assisted by their leaders which are professionally trained to handle kids.

My daughter was super delighted as she assisted the order at the drive-through section, and then after preparing drinks, then receiving orders at the front counter. As I was watching her I'm a bit nervous on how she would react because she is not a talkative person to others, she's more on a shy type, but surprisingly, she was able to manage and follow directions. Though she always asked her leader that she wanted to Play, hahaha!!!!. Lastly, she was awarded a certified "trained kiddie crew". She was super proud of letting me check her badge.

Next, they were to make their own burgers. I was totally shocked by her behavior because she diligently follows instructions from her teacher, without me reminding her.

All I did is to smile at her, supporting her at the back when she tries to steal a glance at me, assuring her that everything will be alright. By the way, my daughter is 5 years old. A super proud baby with her self-made burger.

Lastly is Art Session, all of her co-groups are super busy with their complicated drawings, but she was so relaxed and was asked by their teacher, what is she about to draw, she just answered " a House and a sun" hahaha!!!!.

Then she began tracing and their leader taught them how to make their own Mc Do Launch carton. with their own drawings.

After finishing all the session, the children ate their burger which they made by themselves, and a surprise came" MC DONALD HIMSELF" kids were shouting with joy, they are taught with the signature MC Donald Dance and after that picture with everyone.

Eating time with their self-made burger

The final picture should not be forgotten right? seeing how happy these faces, well it explain how happy our kids during and after the workshop.

I would like to thank the MC DO Staff and management for this unforgettable experience

If you're interested to enroll your kids, you can visit any M Donalds Stores and inquire about the MC DO KIDDIE CREW SUMMER WORKSHOP the program is still ongoing until June 17, 2018. you can choose different schedules they have weekdays and weekends program.

Thank you for being here, have a great and blessed day!

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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