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Makeup Ideas for the Holiday Christmas Makeup Tutorials

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Hello to all, this time of season is quite busy, shopping everywhere, parties and especially love is in the air. I'm not talking about Valentine's day here, hahaha!!!! kidding aside I'm talking about Christmas, too obvious. I have made some videos for you to choose what type of makeup to wear. This is just a suggestion, though. I know it's kind of late but it's better late than never.

I'll start with a simple look if you're in a hurry and would love to look a little bit glam than this video is for you. Just using 2 eyeshadow color, light pink and light brown paired with non-winged eye liner which is extended to the inner corner of the eye, for the lips just simple red from tony moly RD04.

For the second look, we will play with colors, mixing the Color intense palette paired with Ever belina quad palette.

Products used:


Primer Quick FX

Revlon foundation
L.A concealer
Nichido Ivory powder
Yves Rocher
Ellana Minerals for blush
City Color Setting spray

City Color Intense palette
EB Advance 
Maybelline Gel Liner
E9 Lashes from @beautylabmnl


EB Lip liner

Colourpop Love bug

Next will be usually used for Christmas presentations, which I used personally on some of my clients for their dance competition and concerts. Just playing with white colors, shimmers and over dramatic white lashes. This makeup is very easy to recreate.

I hope you enjoy playing with these makeup combos. I know you're very busy but thank you for stopping by and I wish you a merry and blessed Christmas and advance happy new year.

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We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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Affordable Way to Clean your Makeup Brushes; Cheap and Easy Way + DIY Brush Cleaner

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These days everything is expensive, so why not resort to DIY. I always find a way to save and as makeup enthusiast, I would like to save but not compromising the quality of everything I do. Sharing to you right now how I wash my makeup brushes Easy and Affordable way.

Things that you need

Elastic band
Of course your dirty makeup brushes

You can use
Baby shampoo
Ordinary Shampoo
Antibacterial liquid soap

Brush cleansing pad
Egg cleansing pad is affordable
but most of all the
the DIY which I'm excited to share

DIY Brush Cleaner
Materials :
Glue Gun
Empty food container like this

Just form a dot and wave pattern
just like this

If you have everything set
then let's start the cleaning process
Using your brush cleansing pad/ DIY
- add water
- add antibacterial soap or whichever you want to use as I mentioned above
- Swirl your dirty brushes to the grooves that you made
- squeeze the excess water and set aside continue doing so until every brushes are clean

Change the water on your DIy brush cleaner in preparation for rinse, 
or you can use the running water from your faucet
or use clean water

let's start with the hanger, 
take the elastic band and wrap it around the hanger and insert the brush

and when done 

hang and let it dry

I've made a video for you to follow hope you could check it out.

If you find this post helpful, share to your friends and loved ones, don't forget to like the video and subscribed to my youtube channel, I really appreciate if you leave your comments down below, share your own techniques, I'd love to know as well. Thank you. 

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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