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Cakes and Memories Animated Cake for your sweet tooth "5-Layer 3D Cake Mapping"

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Cakes and Memories in SM City Cebu has a lot to offer when it comes to serving our sweet tooth.

I was able to visit their branch at SM Seaside Cebu and tasted different varieties of their desserts and trust me, I really love it, especially the texture of their brownies, it's super duper delicious, okay I think I went overboard with that, but that's the truth.

I also got the chance to customize my own cake, they have already made a plain white cake, it's super cute and they have a certain place designated for the task.

3D cake mapping is the newest trend that projects images and animations on a multi-layered cake. This was popularized here in the Philippines by the celebrity couple Ding Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera on their wedding reception last December 20164. 4 years after, couples to be wed here in Cebu now have an option to have a unique and magical wedding reception with their 5-Layer Animated Cake.

Combining delicious cakes with innovation have long been our passion. From edible poto cakes to 3D cake mapping, our cake decorating continuous deliver high-quality decorated cakes evolves with the current emerging technologies.

For hassle-free ordering, clients can book an appointment online and complete a full event profile. This information can help the team to create a vision of the client's requests before the appointment begins.

About the Company:
Cakes and Memories Bakeshop was founded by Janet Caballes in 2000 in Gardenia Valley Subdivision, Molino3, Bacoor, Cavite. They opened their first store in Bahayag Pagasa, Imus, Cavite one year after. The store thrived and their customers grew steadily together with its delicious reputation. In 2010, the store expanded in Cebu City and started a new adventure until it found it's home in SM Seaside City, Cebu City.

Coming from a small kitchen with a few help from friends and family, their efforts from the beginning has been on giving their customers the highest quality of cakes and pastries with affordability and convenience.

Their products:
Wedding Cakes - Cebu and Cavite
Birthday Cakes - Cebu and Cavite
Baptismal Cakes - Cebu and Cavite
Sweets and Pastries  - Cebu and Cavite
Dessert Buffet - Available in Cebu only
Animated Cake (3D Cake Mapping) - Available only in Cebu

Branches in Cebu
Lower Ground Floor, Seaview Wing Entrance, Sm Seaside City Cebu
2nd Floor You N' Style Building (Beside Persimmon Plus), MJ Cuenco Ave.., Mabolo Cebu City

For more information about Cakes and Memories check their Facebook Page:

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Introducing the Modern & Chic: URBAN BISTRO

Looking for office or restaurant furniture with a sleek, modern design without compromising quality and durability? UNO FIVE E PLASTIC launches its new product line raising the bar for the plastic chair industry.
Designed to give the feeling of royal throne like in the medieval times while still able to keep up with the trend, UNO FEPMI introduces the Urban Bistro. 

It is one of the creations of UNO that offers a more modern take on style and design. It goes beyond user satisfaction as it provides a wider seating space and a sleek back rest that provides a more relaxed position.

It can fit in whatever space also! Spaces become instantly more versatile with a set of these surprisingly chic Urban Bistro chairs.  Available in colors that will suit your cafes, restaurants and even offices. With the right color, it can set the tone of just any setting. It definitely defines what is modern and chic!

About the Company

(FEPMI) was established in year 2008. Given our business location, our aim is to provide affordable quality plastic products nearer to the consuming Visayas and Mindanao market. FEPMI produces UNO Brand Monoblock chairs and tables as well as product lines for other industries not limited to plastic furniture but also other plastic products that are of high demand.

Now on our 10th year, we have expanded to film and extrusion lines producing LDPE and HDPE plastic films and UPVC roofings and sanitary pipes, respectively. All products manufactured are designed to fit to every customer’s needs, a complaint to the product specifications and requirements set by the Bureau of Philippines Standard. Our credibility and confidence are reinforced by its specially trained operators, technicians and by using machines with advance and latest technology.

All finished products are randomly tested with the use of our testing machines patterned to the requirements of Philippine National Standard. More so at FEPMI, we listen to our customers and input their suggestions and complaints so that they can be assured that not only are we providing the market with high-quality plastic product, but also with world class service.

FEPMI is committed to total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. We strive to provide superior quality and premium value in every product that we manufacture. Our goal is to be part of the leading plastic manufacturing company in the market in terms of quality products, excellence service, and a significant market share in the same industry.

My thoughts
As you can see in my previous photos, I and my friends were able to experience the newest innovation which is the Urban Bistro. At first glance I really thought it was made of wood, because of its color and the feel of the material seems like a wood, it's super elegant looking and relaxing as well, as I tried to sit on it, it's kind of having a back massage vibe, hahaha!!! yeah, it's true because of the design, If you want to stretch your back while sitting on the chair is doable and you can easily rest your hands on the side, especially when you're using your laptop placing the device on your lap while your elbows well rested and lifted on the side. Overall I can say it's a good, stylish, elegant chair which serves a lot of purposes. I love it personally.

For more Information check their Facebook Page:

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5 Perfect Brow Tips for Everyday Use for Beginners "Kilay is Life"

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Peace, hello my loves, sharing to you a very informative video on how to do your brows, quick, easy and affordable way. So here's my 5 PERFECT BROW TIPS for you today.

This is one of my most requested videos, I always had compliments about them, may it be clients, friends, and relatives. They always told me that it looks beautiful but not too obvious that I put on some products, it's still natural looking. But I don't know if you agree with them since it's different in person compared to pictures or video.

Since a lot of them requested this, I made an effort to make a video for you as well, maybe it will help in a little way. Enjoy.

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Home cooked Italian and Mediterranean cuisine at its best!

UrChoice Bistro Cafe Cebu finally opens its doors to the public on July
26, 2018. Now, Cebuanos can enjoy Dipolog’s Top rated Italian restaurant. Located at Avelino
Morales Street, Kamputhaw, Cebu City, UrChoice Bistro Cafe features a rustic and cozy setting
perfect for that date, get-together, or family celebration. Savor the aroma as you enter the bistro and
enjoy feasting on their wide selection of pizza, pasta, grill, salad, dessert choices and imported
LaVazza coffee. Try their bestsellers like Osso Buco, El Buridon and Dipolog Centennial Pasta.

With their authentic Italian taste, generous serving and most importantly affordable prices, it would
surely be your #1 choice to dine in with your family and friends! Not only that, with UrChoice
applying the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system, you know that procedures
are put in place to ensure the food they produce is safe.

For inquiries and reservations, please call (032) 344-4218. Urchoice will be open from Mondays to
Sundays, 10:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m.

💖My thoughts💖
I'm not really a fan of these types of food, but honestly, I super loved it, especially the pizza, I thought that these awesome foods would taste bland, but surprisingly, it's super tasty and delicious and for the price point, it's super affordable and their servings can cater 4-5 people, it's a lot to tell you.  I would definitely come back to this place with my family.

I will be attaching here their prices.

I hope you had a great day and thank you for dropping by, Godbless.

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We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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