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Celebrating Filipina Beauty

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It was a celebration of Filipina beauty when Ever Bilena named top actress Jodi Sta. Maria as its newest endorser.

“Ever Bilena is a local brand that caters to the different lifestyles of every Filipina,” shares Ever Bilena CEO Dioceldo Sy. “We are very pleased to have Jodi with us as she represents a strong and empowered woman who takes on different roles with poise and grace.”

Jodi is a critically acclaimed actress who earned Best Actress nominations in various prestigious award-giving bodies like Gawad Urian and International Emmys, she is also a top Psychology student, an acupuncture detoxification specialist, and a traveler.

Joining Sy in welcoming Jodi to the growing Ever Bilena family were Ever Bilena chief operations officer Siliman Sy, Ever Bilena key accounts manager Denice Sy-Munez, Ever Bilena marketing manager Olive Padilla, and EB Advance brand manager Creole David. 

From being a doting mother to a critically acclaimed actress, and a top Psychology student, Jodi not only gives her best in every role given to her, she also makes sure to always look good.

“Makeup is a great way to boost one’s confidence,” shares Jodi. “But for me, it should only highlight your natural beauty and not overpower it.” As such, she opts for products that are classic and understated like Ever Bilena’s Matte Lipstick in Glam Red, EB Lip and Cheek Stain in Toast of New York, EB Dip Liner, and the All Day Liquid Foundation.

A woman of beauty and grace, Jodi is grateful to have another blessing come her way. “I’m very happy and thankful to be the newest face of Ever Bilena. I hope through this endorsement, I’m able to inspire others to be the best version of themselves.”

To learn more about Ever Bilena, visit,
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Docs Needed
Brgy. Clearance
Barangay Fence Clearance
City Hall: (Pay Only on the Treasurers Office) secure all the receipts, xerox everything pls!
CTC Certified True Copy of Tax Dec.(City Accessor Office)
Vicinity Map (City Accessor Office)
Tax Clearance 
CTC Register of Deeds (3 DAYS processing)
Land Blue Print
Proposed Perimeter Fence Blue Print (Drawn by Engr.)Prof fee needed
Structural Plan(Drawn by Engr.) diff Prof fee needed
Notarized Form For Zoning Department.
Bill of Materials
be guided with each checklist of each department

1. OBO Department for the Proposed Perimeter Fence Drawing
Structural Plan.
2. Zoning Department 
Secure all the Docs listed on their checklist from the zoning department
Notarized form follow the instructions 
(Don't Worry every detail will be there don't be afraid to ask around, I was so blessed because during the process the Gov. staff were super accommodating to answer my questions) Kahit super Kulit ako! Thank you Kudos to all Lapu Lapu City Hall Staff.
Xerox all docs pls. including the receipts.
- After complying every docs, zoning surveyor will inspect the fence. Be early so that you could be with them, they will leave exactly 9am to inspect the place.
Wait on their remarks and comply if there are any lacking docs.
Wait for 3 the evaluation process for 3 days, but it's good to wait for 1 week.
During the releasing of Zoning Clearance, you will be asked to leave all the original docs on them, pls Do not leave the Original Bill of Materials because it will be needed on the next step again xerox everything.
3. OBO department
Prepare your Zoning Clearance
5 copies of Structural Plan, Proposed perimeter Fence and Original Bill of Materials & Specification of Fence. (With Printed name & Signature of Owner)
You will be given another checklist from OBO department to comply, follow those steps.
You need to get the signatures of diff. heads of these offices
Line and Grade
After you will be directed to a diff. table wherein all the computation will be done. You will be given a certain amount to pay at the treasurer's office.
Pass it to the City Engineers office. Wat for 3 days evaluation.
After this process, pls again xerox everything.
4.Fire Department near Hoopsdoome
They will ask xerox copy of certain docs, 
There will be fees so make sure you will have Xerox as well for that.
You will be advised to wait for 3 days because there will be another evaluation process for the fire department. Upon getting the clearance pls bring an authorization letter and the ID of the owner, if you're not the registered owner
5. Go back to the OBO department if you have the Fire Department Clearance.
Every paper will be checked, and you will be asked to make a tarpaulin 4x4 ft. with info about the fence permit. You need to hang it in the fence perimeter, take a picture and have it printed and pass it to the OBO department as prof. 

Then you're done.
A loving reminder
Xerox, Xerox, Xerox everything!!!!
Pay at the treasurer's office with receipt. 
Engr. Prof fee is excluded, you need to pay for the blue print.
Always be polite in asking questions and BE PATIENT!!!!

I would like to thank all the Lapu Lapu City hall staff for being so helpful especially to the OBO department. Thankyou

Hope this will help in a little way, Godbless
Happy Processing

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Eastern Communications powered up its Strong Connections in Cebu with enhanced internet solutions

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Businesses in Cebu City can now experience more of Eastern Communications’ strong connection as it launches its enhanced internet solutionFiber1.

At an event in Cebu City entitled Via Eastern: Where Your Business Takes Flight, Eastern Communications officially launched its cutting-edge connectivity and data solutions, designed to help enterprises and companies thrive in today’s business environment.
Enhanced internet solution
Eastern Communications’ Fiber1 runs purely on Eastern’s redundant fiber optic links via Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) with available speeds from 10Mbps to 100Mbps, perfect for basic business operations of small to medium enterprises in Cebu City such as manufacturing, hospitality, and IT-BPO.
Fiber1 has a symmetric technology that features same upload and download speeds with no data cap that guarantees faster sending of data and uninterrupted transactions compared to other shared internet services in the market.
“As the business environment here in Cebu continually transforms, so do Eastern Communications’ products and services here in Cebu. We’ve been committed to providing strong connection and Fiber1 delivers high-speed internet with less downtime, making it more advantageous for our customers’ business operations,” shared Eastern Communications Co-Coordinator Atty. Aileen Regio.
Eastern Communications also provides their Internet Direct Service (IDS) and Leased Line Data solutions across Cebu. Internet Direct Service is a premium and business-grade internet service that allows each user to have a portion of bandwidth dedicated solely to them. While Managed Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)connects enterprise branches — including branch offices and data centers — over large geographic distances, allowing them to deploy internet-based connectivity quickly and securely.
Eastern Communications also highlights their unique brand of “high tech and high touch,” as it seeks to meet their customers’ business needs through their reliable internet and data services to help them prosper in the digital era while providing personalized service. 
Key to Intelligent Office
As part of empowering Cebu businesses through their reliable internet service, Eastern Communications also partnered with Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry for 2019 Cebu Business Month with the theme Innovation in Action.
Inspired by the book entitled F.I.R.E (How Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained, and Elegant Methods Ignite Innovation) written by Dan Ward, Eastern Communications Product and Innovation Head Edsel Paglinawanrecently presented in the said event, discussing the key ingredients of an intelligent office. 
According to Paglinawan, businesses need to incorporate new technology and tailored services that has a holistic long-term digital perspective. To achieve an intelligent office, companies must have (1) Robust and Resilient Connectivity Solutions, (2) Redundant systems and infrastructure for business continuity, (3) Business-grade Productivity and Collaboration Software for work agility, and (4) Reliable data protection tools for cybersecurity.
“Eastern Communications has been partnering with Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry for years. As we aspire to help Cebu businesses take advantage of growth opportunities driven by digital advancements, we continue our commitment to provide reliable products and services to help companies become more competitive, innovative, and interconnected,” said Eastern Communications' Co-Coordinator Ramon Aesquivel.
For more information about Eastern Communications’ products and services, visit

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Philips Monitors and Twentieth Century Fox Special Screening of X-Men: Dark Phoenix in Cebu

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Philips Monitors, a global leader in innovative displays, partners with Twentieth Century Fox to promote the release of X-Men: Dark Phoenix in the Philippines. So blessed to watch this much-anticipated movie. As the official monitor display of the film, Philips Monitors held a special screening of the movie, the latest movie in a beloved movie franchise.

Philips Monitors has always been for the enjoyment of its consumers. It dedicates its business in delivering the best displays for casuals and professionals alike. With Twentieth Century Fox, Philips Monitors continues to bring technology and people together, this time through entertainment and film-viewing. This exciting new film, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, is perfect not only for the big screen, but in Philips displays as well. The film’s special effects are fully realized in Philips’ high-definition monitors.

Philips Monitors Marketing Manager for the Philippines Jack Salamia talked about the growing partnership between Philips Monitors and Twentieth Century Fox. He then unveiled the showcased display units, the E9 curved monitor series, the 32” version of which being raffled off to the media partners who attended.

About X-Men: Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Dark Phoenix follows the story of the X-Men, a group of mutants with superpowers, specifically one of their members, the telepathic Jean Grey. During a mission in outer space, Jean absorbs a mysterious cosmic force that amplifies her mutant powers. Her newfound strength leads her to lose control and become an entity known as the Dark Phoenix. Her growing power posed a threat not only to the X-Men, but also to the world. Now the X-Men has to stop their friend and former teammate from unleashing chaos – but with it comes a heavy price.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix continues the story of X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse. Written and directed by Simon Kinberg, it features an ensemble cast featuring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Jessica Chastain and Sophie Turner in the titular role.

Aside from the movie screening, Philips Monitors also have nationwide cross-promotional activities for consumers. Customers who would purchase any of the participating models of monitors will receive a premium item. Such items include premium X-MEN: Dark Phoenix themed jackets, backpacks, suit shirts and collectible figurines.



Premium Items


4K Ultra HD, IPS, Built-in-Speakers, SmartConnect

 X-MEN: Dark Phoenix Jacket


Curved, AMD Free-Sync, LowBlue Mode, Built-in-Speakers

 X-MEN: Dark Phoenix Backpack


Curved, AMD Free-Sync, LowBlue Mode, VA

 X-MEN: Dark Phoenix Suit Tshirt


ADS-IPS, Full HD, Built-in-Speakers, HDMI

 X-MEN: Dark Phoenix Suit Tshirt


Curved, AMD Free-Sync, LowBlue Mode, Ultra Wide-Color

 X-MEN: Dark Phoenix Figurine


VA, AMD Free-Sync, Full HD, Ultra Narrow Bezel

 X-MEN: Dark Phoenix Figurine


MVA, Wide Viewing Angle, HDMI

 X-MEN: Dark Phoenix Figurine
The promotion is valid until June 15, 2019, and any purchase of the above models are eligible for the promotion when purchased in any of the following participating dealers:

Participating Dealers and Outlets


Complink - SM Megamall

PC Express - Gilmore

PC Express - SM Southmall

Octagon - SM Megamall

PC Express - Glorietta

PC Worx - Gilmore

PC Chain Super Store - Festival Mall

PC Express - Makati Cinema Square

PC Worx - SM Megamall

PC Chain Super Store - SM North

PC Express - Market Market

ThinkPC - SM North

PC Chain Super Store - Virra Mall

PC Express - SM Mall of Asia

Vivocom - Gilmore

PC Express - Alabang Town Center

PC Express - SM Megamall

PC Express - Bacoor

PC Express - SM North


HYW - Cebu

PC Quickbuys - SM Cebu

Joyo Mktg - APM Mall Cebu

ThinkingTools@mall - SM Cebu


Computer World Superstore - Davao

PC Worx - Davao

ThinkingTools@mall - SM City Davao

The 328E9QJAB

Following its mantra of “Innovation and You”, Philips Monitors develops displays that bring only the best viewing experience. Showcased in the premiere was the Philips 328E9QJAB, a 31.5” Curved Monitor with AMD Free-Sync and sleek, narrow bezels. Its ultrawide display allows for comfortable viewing at any angle. It also uses advanced technology that lessens the strain it may cause the viewer’s eyes, letting you extend your Sunday night movie marathons.

328E9QJAB Specifications

Panel Size


LCD Type




Refresh Rate


Response Time


Chipset Ready

AMD Freesync

Vesa Mount



VGA, HDMI, Audio In & Out

The 328E9QJAB is part of Philips’ E9 series of monitors, which is available in 24”, 28” and 31.5” models.

About Twentieth Century Fox
One of the world’s largest producers and distributors of motion pictures, Twentieth Century Fox Film produces, acquires and distributes motion pictures throughout the world.  These motion pictures are produced or acquired by the following units of Twentieth Century Fox Film: Twentieth Century Fox, Fox 2000 Pictures, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox Animation and Fox Family.

About Philips

Philips was founded as far back as 1891 in the Netherlands, and has since engaged in more than a century of innovation and entrepreneurship.
Thanks to the company developing timeless business values, Philips has become one of the most highly recognized and trusted brands in the world today. This comes from a tradition of caring about people’s needs, innovating based on ever-changing insights, and working to make a positive change in people’s lives – traditions as meaningful now as they were in the company’s beginnings.
Philips Monitors stand for excellent picture quality, and providing innovative solutions to problems people really care about. To reflect this Philips commitment, Philips has created the slogan: ‘Innovation and You’.
Learn more about Philips Monitors at

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