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Right Attitude Before Spending Your Money

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What do you always do when you have something to buy in mind?

These are the things I usually do before buying.

These days, Everything is expensive. Some say wla nang libre. But it's not true, we treat our friends sometimes, we give to charity we share what we have to the needy. Right?
but we need to be cautious on how we spend our money.

Let's set my line of work as an example. I really desire for a camera that is suitable for vlogging and filming a sit-down video. First I look into possibilities and I read ton's and ton's  of reviews.  Months and months of research. I think it over and over again. As what I mentioned on my previous blog about Essential List For Money Management I always make a list of wants and needs. And this is under needs category, why because. I need it to shot for clients makeup, for vlogging and making short tutorials about makeup. Some may say buying a new camera is just for hobbies, luxuries, but not me. I need it for work.

Before I bought my camera, I always think of the benefits of what I can get and is it in the price range that I can afford.

List of what I need

Longer Battery Life because if I film beauty videos it takes a lot of time to film.
HD recording, I really want a camera that has a 4k, but people are not really watching 4k in youtube because it needs a lot of data, so I'm good with 1080.
180 Flip-up Screen if you're vlogging this is a must to be able to see yourself while talking because you can check if you're still in focus or not.
A light compact size I need a camera that is travel size and I can easily grab anytime I want.
Interchangeable Lens It is good to have this types of cameras, because, you can have a lot of outputs, like bokeh, clearer close up shots and varieties of choices when it comes to shooting videos and pictures.
A microphone Jack for me this is super important for vlogging because sometimes we will be a noisy place and we need our voice to stand out amidst of these circumstances. And especially in our place, it's super noisy that's the main reason though.
Check this video out Camera I choose.

So I already chose what to buy and I forgot to mention I always mention my plan to the Lord in prayer. And next will be the provisions since my family comes first. I always set aside for this if I have makeup gig earnings. Slowly, by not hurting the budget of the family.  Setting back is always playing safe when it comes to deciding for the finances of the family. Think out of the boxes and keep track of records. As a mom, we need to think how we respond to the situation rather than react. The response is more on the solutions while react is more on emotions. 

Again, save first before spending. A leading industry can help you manage your finances will be a great help as well.This tip is super simple but sometimes we need to remember the basics before we can start solving the difficult ones.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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Essential list for Money Managing

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How I was able to cope up, from nothingness to where I am right now? I'm not rich as of the moment, but striving hard to be able to be free of financial stress and so far this is what works and still in progress. Here are some tips that can help you in a little way or even can change your life.

 I started giving our 10 percent as tithes because I firmly believe in the word of the Lord in

Malachi 3:10
Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse,
That there may be food in my house.
Put me to the test, says the LORD of hosts,
And see if I do not open the floodgates of heaven for you,
and pour down upon you blessing without measure!

and even, I also teach my children to do so.

Segregating Wishlist vs.Needs
I always list down what are the family's needs vs. wants. Of course, we need to prioritize our needs and slowly fulfill our heart's desire explaining to our kids as well is very helpful in the long run because they will be able to discern on their own especially when you're away or they are in school. They can save on their own and make without you telling them over and over again.

 Create an envelope for every expense. 
Aside from tithes, we also have these other categories which will help me monitor our finances, I also keep track on listing them on soft copies.
Payables, Savings, Emergency,. Household allowance.
in books of accounts, it's more on your Debit and Credit, Assets and liabilities
Having this on track will really help you to monitor your expenses, but the next thing I'll be sharing is more of our additional plans.

List is in the process 
We are starting to save for a mutual fund. Setting aside for the future is really a good important thing to do while our kids are still young. I don't want them to be like us who started from a scratch, there's nothing wrong with that, but It is better to be well prepared because these days are different from ours. Consumable prices are soaring high before we can just have to buy a meal for 39 pesos, but right now, especially in restaurants or fast food chains. You can't buy a whole meal with that and that's how money inflation is.

as time goes by, as you can see how many can we buy on P500 these days, how much more this coming 2020. 

I'm not scaring anyone but it's happening everywhere. The only thing we can do is to again prepare for our son's and daughters future and building slowly their moral, spiritual and financial stability.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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A Breakthrough to Financial Stress #livebrighter

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Improper money management can be a lead to disastrous life, why I said that? Because I experience it first hand.I guess a lot of people will agree with what I just said. Being ignorant on how you manage your money will lead you into a big trouble, shortage, no provisions for the upcoming special events in our lives, no funds for the future. Well in this generation savings is really a must, but I just realized it now. Since I'm a mom of 2  kids already, it made me think a lot of times, what did I do with my past life, that I'm not even prepared for what I'm facing right now. Everyday survival is a common thing in our family. Looking back at the abundance of my life before, It's just a waste of time not to save a little for my future, instead, I used it for luxuries to things that are not used nowadays, gadgets fade. Gold pieces of jewelry gone. Well, to be honest, I did a lot of fair share on wasting my money. Going out like there's no tomorrow, spending time with fake friends. They just vanished when my money is gone like bubbles that fade away. I felt I don't even have wisdom before and I really regret not having any knowledge at all during those times when I had a lot of money. If someone could just share to me those times how to handle them. I could have a lot of investments now. Or the money that I have tripled a lot. At a young age. I was able to buy my own house and lot. Sending my brothers to school but it changes when I got sick. I spent a lot of money and I don't even have any savings at all. Times got rough and I had a lot of debts. The friends that I went out with can't be found anymore. As I wanted to rebound, it's hard for me to start with, to make a long story short, I got married and found a community wherein we serve humbly and learned to be patient and I started a new life then. I'm starting to pick up my life together with my family. But still were lacking something. I've got the maturity to understand the situation or decern things, but financially I'm still struggling. After working in a corporate world for almost 7 years still, I don't have enough savings for my family. I and my husband decided that I need to stop working because our kids are still small and they need my attention. So I stop, I got bored a lot of times and that's why my youtube channel started, it inspires me to share whats in my mind, thinking that it will help other people as well. It's such an opportunity that I was able to attend some events here in our place because of what I love doing which is Vlogging/ Blogging. One day I was invited on one of a financial awareness event which is the #livebrighter by Sunlife

and the speaker Mr. Mike Gustillo shares a lot of information about how to become a hero by educating people to manage their money wisely. To use it to it's fullest potential wherein it can help many people as well by spreading the news. How to go with the money flow in this generation and inspiring stories as well was shared during the event.

 There were a lot of attendees. I believe that it's an eye-opener to everyone or I may say a wisdom shared to every single people who attended to that event. It also helps me realize how important saving is not just by word but in actions and how to give value money management in all areas of your life. We should dream big and reach for our goal. Just like one of the sharer Mr. Churchill Bejemino sharing his humble beginnings and how he ended up to be one of the successful financial advisor at Sunlife by simply educating people regarding financial literacy.

The speakers and the sharer, what they have in common is to help people, they're striving hard to convey the message how serious it is to be financially literate. Indeed what you sow is what you reap, people who give more will receive more as well. As they help a lot of people they will be blessed abundantly as well.
I learned that Sunlife is one of the pioneers in this field they've been in the industry for 120 years.

So you can really tell that they are trustworthy they passed 2 world war already that shows how strong the firm is.

Now you have the idea where to turn to, what will be your choice, be an overcomer, be financially fit it's easier than done but doable. I'll be heading to a right pathway then.

 To know more about Sunlife and their activities, forums and more financial literacy visit them at

Thank you so much for dropping by, once again thank you and Godbless.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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A Clean Cut at Sports Barbers SM Cebu

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Hello my loves, how are you? Do you have the voice when it comes to your husband's haircut? For me I always do complement if I like it and honestly speaking I also say if it's bad. He also seeks my opinion too. Last Tuesday as we were at SM City Cebu. My husband decided to have a clean haircut and luckily one of Sports Barber's branch is located at Sm Cebu 2nd floor. So we decided to stop by. Personally, I love the design it's so manly. The boxing interior made it more interesting. As you enter the counter you will see the Sports Barbers Logo and I believe the logo itself left a strong impression to me. 

The place looks classy and the staff was all accommodating with their best smiles. As you enter there's a punching bag which my son and daughter love to play with. They were with us as we visited the place. Imagine the chaos though, but I need to look after them while their father had a clean cut and hair treatment.

After a clean cut, my husband had a hair and scalp treatment

and here's the before and after picture, it may seem to be ordinary but if you're more into details, you will really notice how clean the edges and well trimmed the hair was. My husband loves it so much and he felt so relaxed after the whole process. I forgot to mention that after the haircut and treatment you will have an extra massage. Which is a plus.

So guys out there on your visit to Sports Barbers, do you know which one to ask for? good guys from Sports Barbers SM City Cebu takes you into each of the most stylish hairstyles men could sport right now.

The Classic Pompadour

Slicked back with major volume at the top. It takes confidence to pull of this hairstyle. Stylists should know that while you expect a lot of volume here, hair should taper as it moves back and sides are tightly tapered as it goes to a skin fade. The look works best with hair that has a combination of high and low lights that gives the look more depth.

The Disconnected Quiff

The disconnected quiff is a more subtle approach to the classic pompadour but is no less edgy. The volume at the top isn’t as big and it’s complemented by a medium to low fade on the sides. The edginess is introduced by the carefully crafted line shaved into the head that serves as the “side-part.”

The Rockabilly Undercut

Tightly tapered sides and a long top—the rockabilly look takes a more unkept approach to a style defined by simplicity. It works very well with every hair texture. To keep the look updated, opt for a medium fade on the sides, create a side-part and muss up the long strands for that ‘devil-may-care’ vibe.

The Man Bun

A look that challenges stereotypes and allows men to pull their hair back and literally wear their hair in a small bun at the top of their heads. It’s easy, fuss-free and artfully messy. In contrast, the look is paired with beautifully groomed facial hair and you have yourself an aesthetic that’s totally now.

Finally decided on what hair style to get? Visit Sports Barbers at the 2nd Floor, South Wing of SM City Cebu for that uber dapper look!

Sports Barbers is your go-to urban destination for grooming and pampering services, designed to rejuvenate and energize the style-conscious man. For more information, you may follow; and

Thank you so much for dropping by. For women out there who wanted to pamper themselves. Check this post:  

Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa Celebrates the 2nd Year of National Pampering Day

A Day Well Spent at Hey Sugar!! Perming, Leg Waxing and Brow Threading!!! Soo Worthed!!!!

You can also visit my Youtube Channel for Beauty and lifestyle ideas. I do makeup tutorials, VLOGS and a lot of information related to beauty.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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Unscary Halloween Makeup Inspiration

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Hello my loves how are you? Halloween is approaching, are you into cosplay? or Halloween parties? Trick or treat? Today I'll be sharing to you different Halloween makeup inspiration but not the scary side though, I wanted it to be more on the fantasy side. I know you're wondering why? but it's me. I don't want scary stuff. Halloween is actually a celebration for the souls who departed already in our world. I don't want to imagine them scary at all.

This is my first ever collaboration from different beauty creators in the Philippines. I decided to join because it's more on Animal Makeup inspiration for Halloween, so this is my entry.

This second makeup transformation is more on a cosplay type, but its good for halloween makeup as well. It's more on Princess Mononoke Inspired a Wolf princess who protected the forest.

This next makeup transformation is a butterfly Inspiration and It reminded me of fairies in the jungle.

Another Makeup inspiration that you can do for Halloween to stand out even if you're not scary at all is the Lina Makeup tutorial, She has the ability to control fire. This character is found in Dota 2.

These are some of my makeup tutorials that might interest you as well. I've made a compilation for each intro to give you an overall view.

You can chaeck all my makeup tutorials in this link

I, really miss making beauty videos, and from now on, I will try to make one beauty videos a week. So stay tuned. Don't forget to subscribe, like and share, be a part of our growing youtube family. Thank you so much for dropping by and Godbless.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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A Day Well Spent at Hey Sugar!! Perming, Leg Waxing and Brow Threading!!! Soo Worthed!!!!

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Hello my loves, how are you doing? I hope all is well. Today I will be sharing another Hey Sugar Experience to you and I will be sharing 5 reasons why you should visit this remarkable place to pamper yourself.

Recently I was able to avail their Perming, leg waxing, and Brow Threading, as what I have mentioned on my earlier post, check it here, that It Leg Waxing and Brow threading was painless. So I decided to take the service again since hairs on my legs are a little bit annoying already. What's good about Hey Sugar is that they are using organic products, which is good to our health. Remember that the skin is the body’s biggest organ. 

And just like any organ, it needs a certain amount of care for it to stay healthy and function properly. The thing is, people think that they are doing their skin good by applying certain products or having certain services done on regular basis. This, in some degree can be true. However, fact of the matter is, most beauty products—including those used in some of the most regular beauty services you get—contain chemicals that do more harm to the skin (and the rest of the body) than good.

It is not uncommon knowledge that anything we apply on our skin eventually ends up in our bloodstream. And for this reason, more and more people are now opting for all-natural and organic beauty options.

On an average, four out of ten people readily seek out organic products. But if you’re part of the six still on the fence, here are the top reasons why you should make the switch:

Less health risks
As said before, most of the beauty products available in the market today contain a standard cocktail of chemicals, which do more harm your skin than good. This, combined with exposure to harmful pesticides and preservatives used on the food sold in supermarkets, can give rise to a number of diseases.

Lower exposure to allergens
The chemicals commonly used in beauty products, whether to strengthen its effects or extend shelf life, can cause skin irritation and trigger allergies, particularly for those with sensitive skin.
Organic products may seem less effective compared to their chemical counterparts, but are gentler on the skin and has no side effects.

Helps nourish your skin
Organic and all-natural beauty products are all plant-based. Meaning, the main ingredients used in these products come from directly from plants or parts of plants and come with nourishing power. In the same way that you are advised to eat your fruits and vegetables regularly to keep the rest of your body healthy, putting on all-natural products on the skin will definitely help supply it with much-needed vitamins and minerals to boost its health.

Better quality products
There’s a lot of effort and detail that goes into the production of an all-organic, product, if only because they want to encourage more people to see the benefits of going chemical-free.

(Almost) Painless Regimen
Waxing is arguably one of the most tedious and painful beauty regimens anyone has to go through, but through organic options—particularly sugar wax, which wraps thoroughly around the hair and allow for a cleaner pull, pain is greatly reduced.
This is where Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon comes in to save the day! Using only 100%naturally hypoallergenic sugar wax that minimizes side effects such as allergic reactions and chemical irritations caused by traditional wax— you get a gentler but no less effective way to keep your skin smooth and hair-free.

Indeed it's my first time on trying out their Perming Service, so here's the video that you could watch, please subscribe, spread the love by sharing it. Thank you so much.

Hey Sugar is present in three branches across Cebu. Drop by the 2/F South Wing of SM City Cebu, 3/F Ayala Center Cebu  or at the 3/F SM Seaside City Cebu and expect a clean and inviting waxing haven and leave it all to the hands of expert aestheticians trained to deliver the best sugar waxing services.

Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon currently has 25 locations nationwide, including in UP Town Center, Festival Supermall, SM Bicutan, SM Sta. Rosa, SM Bacolod, SM Calamba, Harbor Point, and our newest branch Hey Sugar Unimart Greenhills. To know more, follow them on 

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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Hello my loves how are you? Today let's talk about health issues, well this is not really about a disease but it's a common problem in our household, this maybe shameful but indeed everybody had an issue with this including me. May I start with this phrase" Kuto Free Ka Ba?"

Lice are well known here in the Philippines as KUTO. I was very shocked upon hearing it from experts that Lice basically can survive for 3 days even if they're not in the human head, they can survive during that expansion of time. So there's a greater tendency that It will be spread everywhere. About one-third of elementary public school students in the Philippines suffer from head lice-related problems. Head lice infestation or pediculosis can cause severe itchiness and infection of the scalp, but this could be the least of these children’s worries; the social stigma associated with having kuto can leave lasting psychological damage on both children and their parents.

So here's the great news. Last September, Lamoiyan Corporation’s Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo conducted a Nationwide Oplan Alis Kuto as a part of its Kilusang Kontra Kuto effort to educate the public on lice infestation issues and the campaign is still ongoing. The Licealiz caravan will travel to different schools and barangays all over the country to hold shampooing programs and lectures for students and their parents. survey of communities visited by the Licealiz caravan last year found that 47% of respondents from Visayas and 76% of respondents from Mindanao said that their children were bullied and teased for having head lice, causing some of them to miss school to avoid their peers. The parents, on the other hand, feel incompetent and embarrassed for being unable to prevent head lice from infesting their children.

(Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo conducts shampooing programs for children all over the Philippines)

We want to remove the stigma associated with having kuto by educating communities on lice infestation issues,” said Lamoiyan Corporation Marketing Director Bing Cavestany. “We want to drive home the message that everyone can be potentially infested by kuto, that it’s not something to be ashamed about, and definitely not something to ridicule others for. We also hope to encourage these communities to unite and take action to solve this public health problem together,” shared Cavestany. 

Now on its second year, the Kilusang Kontra Kuto aims to raise awareness about lice infestation issues and prevent and treat head lice infestations. Last year, the campaign reached 30 communities and over 10,000 children and parents in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Here in Cebu Licealiz campaign was first held at Guadalupe Elementary school and the team said that they will still be visiting 9 more schools in the City until the month of November 2017.

Facts about Lice

They have 30 days lifespan
Female Lice can lay up to 100 eggs
Lice eggs will mature after 7 days
Lice can survive for 3 days even if they're not on humans head

Hearing these facts for the first time as discussed by Dermatologist MJ Fornolles indeed gave me a little bit of shock and as a mom, I'm a bit worried, but thankfully there's a good solution to this problem. Licealiz is available nationwide. And they have two variants, Licealiz Original and Licealiz Soothing Coolness 60ml for the price of P72.00 and Sachet is also available for P32.00. 

Licealiz invites everyone to join the Kilusang Kontra Kuto in changing the public’s perception about head lice infestation and spreading correct information regarding head lice prevention and treatment.  

For more information on head lice prevention and treatment, visit Licealiz’s Facebook page at

Meet the Licealiz Team, help us spread the awareness. Thank you so much for dropping by, I'm sorry I don't have a video for this event it was raining so hard it was hard to film but anyway, watch my recent VLOGS on my Youtube channel. Please don't forget to subscribe, like and share. Once again thank you and Godbless.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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