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Red Bracelet for my OLD WATCH

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Watch Bracelet

Crochet a cute red watch bracelet. My inspiration of this pattern was ignited by a little girl, whose fun of loom band, she created loom band bracelet for her mom, at that time, I was planning to buy a new bracelet for my favorite hello kitty red watch, because the bracelet leather cracks and it really needs a replacement.

check the picture below

And with that, I was inspired to make one and was inspired to make a crocheted one

So here we go


Monaco red 1 ball (though you will not need the whole ball anyway, mine is just a scrap from my past projects)
Size 3 crochet hook
Garter thread
Yarn needle


Chain 62

Dc on the 2nd chain from the hook, dc around, turn
(Dc on the next dc, dc around and turn) 3x
Sc all around
Then insert end point on watch both sides, sew the end part into the ear of the watch
Wave garter thread at the back of your crocheted bracelet,
Check picture below.

And that's it, nice quick and easy watch bracelet.
So instead of spending money for my bracelet, all I have to do is to look around the house and find whatever you can do which can make you spend less and enjoy!

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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My favorite Sigma Brush F80, F65 and P88

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My favorite Sigma Brush

Personally I like Sigma brushes, I have my own array of make-up brushes and lately I added up these Fabulous Sigma brushes, F80 , F65 and P88.

F65- is a concealer brush, for me, I’m using this as an applicator of my concealer, some creamy and liquid products on hard to reach areas.

P88-Precision Flat Angled, well very useful to me because of its unique design, I’m using this for blending products on areas of my face that needed extra contour and placing products on hard to reach areas, especially the corners on your nose, and I love these as a blending brush.

Yes lastly my favorite brush, for me it’s an all around brush.

F80- is a flat kabuki brush which is very good to use when applying, cream products on your face, I’m using it as my brush in applying, primer, liquid foundation, buff powder and most especially I’m using this brush as a blending brush on large areas on my face.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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Skin Care

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Before any make up application, see to it to that you give your skin a special  treat, especially skin on your face, make it a habit to take care of it, or I may say do it as a chore!
I’m a busy mom of 2 yr old and a 3 months old kid, I need to hurry every morning, co'z I need to work, and before leaving the house, I need to prepare everything my child needs, but it’s not an excuse of taking care of my skin, I want to share this fast and easy skincare to mom out there like me, and to all single ladies who share same sentiments with me, a skincare regimen which is budget wise.....

Let’s go back to the basics

First: Cleansing – you need to clean your face, before and after bedtime, for me I splash a cold water in the morning, and Luke warm water in the evening, and on ordinary days I used Eskinol cleansers and if sometimes I have a pimple or acne problem I used cetaphil bar soap, there’s a secret I wanted to share, I’ve been using this treatment if my pimples is boasting themselves out,
I mix Eskinol half of 225 ml bottle with  with maxipeel # 2 then I used it as my daily cleansers and exfoliator as well, what I like on this because your skin doesn’t peel off and it just whitens naturally and make your pimples say goodbye


Next is Toner, yeah after cleansing toner is a yes to me, you must have a clearer and even skin tone, for me I’m using right now Gluta C, I don’t know if your familiar with it, what I like on this product is, it’s vit. C component, if you’re planning to buy a toner here’s a friendly tip, choose toner with vitamin C, it helps your skin a lot, I used a cotton to apply it all over on my face, then after just a happy thoughts I put a small amount on my palm and simply pat it o my face 


Then lastly, moisturizer, hydrate your skin to make it healthy and glowing, for me I used Nivea moisturizer, I’m using it ever since I started to do my own make up, it’s also my make up remover, as a moisturizer I put a small amount on my face and spread all over my face through a massage.

Well some people  apply an eye cream, but for me I prefer to hydrate the eye area, not just too much because too much of all things is not good, because the more hydrate your face the more it will look fresh and young, I have no issue on these people, it’s just my own opinion. But applying eye cream is good, but eye cream on the market is too expensive, if you have a tight budget you can just go on with your ordinary moisturizer.

As a mom of a 3 month old baby boy and 2 year old baby girl, I don't get enough sleep at night, because I personally take care of them during night time. So if you're kind a same situation like me, you need to take a multivitamins with iron as prescribed by my doctor. Just a friendly tip to all who read this blog. It keeps you going!!!!

More to share,

When I wear  full blast of make up the whole day, after cleansing, ill treat my face with a clay mask
 (St Ives Mineral clay firming mask), for extra deep clean or you can apply it once a week. This really helps my skin especially on it get rids dirt that clog on skin pores, it also helps to minimize the skin pores. 
I apply this by using liquid foundation brush, spread it all over your face, make sure to avoid the eye area, lips and hair, leave it for 15 mins., then cleanse it with water.

Purbusari body scrub, I’ve got this from Watson, it has vit. E, I used this to scrub, dark areas of my body, yeah I love this , it really works!


Nivea Invisible Sun Protection, my favorite Sunblock, it has spf 30, non greasy so light on skin, transparent  spray

Oh and now my favorite body moisturizer, NEUTROGENA body oil, I love this body Oil it has light sesame oil, a sheer moisturizing experience, you can use this after bath, while skin is still damp, apply a small amount massage  it all over your body, and see the effect, it’s so nice on skin, my friend introduce this to me way back 2004, I keep using it until now.

 And on my wax, I used No hair wax kit, I love to use this because, it softens your skin, moisturize, it's so easy to use, and it's so affordable. It's easy to apply, its has a small spatula, hat can control your usage, just apply small amount on the area you want to wax and then what I do is to leave it for 3-4 mins. and then use the cloth together with the package(washable)or if, after stripping it, some will not be removed, you can just pluck the hair, without any pain, one bottle serves me a year, sooooo amazing!!!

May this can help you guys! I'll keep you posted for more info,
Thanks and Godbless

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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Toshiba satellite laptop i5

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One of my blessings receive a few months ago is my new laptop, it was an answered prayer.
I praise and thank God for this. I really wanted a laptop because, I love to edit pictures, music and videos and I can’t do it on my old one, because it’s really slow and old, now I’m using it for reference especially when I fix laptops sometimes.

Before buying the new one, I did a lot of product research, look closely on their specifications and well the cost.
Before I decided what brand, model, etc. I List down all the things I wanted to do if I will buy one.
I consider
      1.   If it is a heavy duty laptop 
      2.   Operating system
      3.   Processors
      4.   Durability
      5.   Can I edit music, photos movies without lag
      6.   Cost.
      7.   Does it fit my lifestyle. etc.
      I go for Toshiba laptops, because of it's durability and I love it's performance too. 

Since I do a lot of editing, especially on music, because I wanted to mix my own music in teaching dance used for competition and presentation, I edit a lot of pictures, because I love to give cards for my friends and family on their birthday, sometimes do edit videos, hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!. I’m not good on any of these but because of loving what I’m doing and by God’s grace I am able to do it. 

So far I enjoyed using this Laptop, it met my needs, I used my new laptop on this blog. cheers!!!

Color : Gold
Hard Disk Drive: 500
Processor: Intel Core i5
Operating system: Windows 8

When I bought this to my surprise I’ve got a free Item! Wow! It’s a router, Check the picture

Bag and mouse is included too!!!!
wow! what a treat!

Check out more Toshiba products on their site.

That’s all for now till my next post!!!! Godbless us all

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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