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Cebu City, Philippines - On May 30, 2023, Advaux Publishing+Creatives proudly presents the launch of Cebu State Magazine, a groundbreaking publication aimed at providing insights into the economic state of Cebu and its neighboring provinces. With its maiden issue entitled "Cebu's 2023 Development Roadmap," Cebu State Magazine delves into the current economic landscape and explores the potential for growth and recovery. 

Cebu State Magazine recognizes the increasing interest from investors, travelers, and consumers in Cebu's economic activities. As the city opens up and the economy shows signs of revival, this publication aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the situation, addressing whether these activities are based on a false sense of liberation from the lockdown or indicative of genuine economic recovery. 

The magazine's printed publication features a compelling lineup of articles and original content that shed light on various aspects of Cebu's economic landscape, including: 

1) Economic Indicators: An overview of the key economic indicators showcasing the current state of Cebu's economy. 

2) Investment Opportunities: A comprehensive guide to potential investment opportunities in Cebu and its neighboring provinces, highlighting key sectors and industries.

3) Tourism and Travel: Exploring the resurgence of travel and tourism in Cebu, providing insights into the visitor experience, attractions, and the sector's contribution to the local economy. 

4) Consumer Trends: An examination of the phenomenon of revenge spending and its impact on local businesses, as well as an analysis of consumer behavior post-lockdown. 

In addition to the printed publication, Cebu State Magazine has a digital presence on its website,, and its official Facebook account, Cebu State Magazine. The online platform serves as a hub for sharing articles and engaging with readers. We are excited to announce our partnership with Cebu Development Media, which will amplify our content by sharing our articles with their 200k+ followers on social media.

To obtain a copy of the maiden issue or for any media inquiries, please contact: Nikki Oguis Managing Editor Cebu State Magazine Email: Phone: +63 917 555 4988

About Advaux Publishing+Creatives: Cebu State Magazine is a publication of Advaux Publishing+Creatives. Advaux, a brand under the Mac Gordon Group Consulting, is a publishing company based in Cebu City, Philippines. Established in 2017, Advaux was founded by Atty. Manuel Gordon and Adonis Durado to address the needs of writers who wished to self-publish but faced challenges due to the lack of government permits and required documents, such as the ISBN. 


Advaux specializes in providing comprehensive publishing services to both aspiring and experienced writers. The company aims to support authors in their journey to bring their literary works to the public. With a focus on publishing works in English and Bisaya languages, Advaux collaborates with talented writers from various genres. 

Vanity Books: Advaux understands the aspirations of writers who dream of publishing their biographies. To fulfill this dream, the company has introduced a new service line called "vanity books." Through this service, Advaux connects skilled writers with aspiring authors, enabling them to complete their book projects efficiently. The vanity books service line allows individuals to share their life stories and experiences with the world.

Print-on-Demand: Recognizing that printing costs often pose a significant barrier to publishing, Advaux has implemented a print-on-demand scheme. This approach helps reduce costs by ensuring that books are printed only when there is demand for them. By adopting this strategy, Advaux empowers authors to focus on their manuscripts, knowing that the printing process will be efficiently managed.

Marketing and Distribution: In addition to assisting authors in the publishing process, Advaux offers marketing and distribution services. Leveraging its social media platform and online distribution channels, the company ensures that the target readership can conveniently access and purchase copies of the published works. Advaux takes care of the marketing and distribution aspects, allowing authors to concentrate on their writing.

Future Goals: With a vision to expand its publishing efforts, Advaux welcomed new team members in 2022. This move was aimed at increasing the frequency of book publications. By growing its team and collaborating with more talented writers, Advaux aims to contribute to the literary landscape and provide a platform for diverse voices to be heard.

Conclusion: Advaux, a dynamic publishing company, is committed to helping writers achieve their publishing goals. With a strong emphasis on supporting writers in English and Bisaya languages, Advaux offers a range of services, including vanity books, print-on-demand, and marketing and distribution. By alleviating the challenges associated with publishing, Advaux enables authors to focus on their creative process while reaching a wider audience with their literary work.

Photos taken at the launching

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We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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The All-New XL750Transalp: The Best Choice for All-Around Excitement

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Here’s why The XL750 Transalp checks all the boxes when it comes to adventure bikes

Among all motorcycle style variants, the adventure bike is one of the best choices for all-around riding mainly due to its unique design that puts handling control and riding at the top of the list. To best serve the needs of Filipino riders looking for abike that promises unrivaled adventure and excitement, Honda introduces The All-New XL750 Transalp.

Recently unveiled at the 2023 Makina Moto Show, The All-New XL750 Transalpwith a very enticingUSRP: PHP 598,000 features the familiar upright “adventure-style” riding positionas well as a 755cc, Liquid-Cooled, 4-Stroke, 8-Valve, SOHC (Single-Overhead Cam) Parallel-Twin cylinder with a 6-Speed Manual Transmission. This engine iscapable of 67.5kW of max power @9,500rpm, and 74.6Nm of max. torque @7,250rpm.

The All-New XL750Transalpalso comes with Selectable Riding modes innovatively engineered to give the rider exceptional control. These riding modes, namely STANDARD, SPORT, RAIN, GRAVEL, and USER let the rider customize the bike’s ride characteristics when riding over different types of riding conditions.

Travelling to your next staycation? Select the STANDARD mode and get to your destination in comfort, luggage and all.

Want to enjoy a cool riding experience whether you are in the city or riding cross country?Go for the SPORT mode with its for higher power and control.

Got stuck riding out in a sudden downpour?Then the RAIN mode lets you ride safelyeven on those wet, slippery roads.

Enjoy going for a spin on rough, loose country dirt roads? Try engaging the GRAVEL mode and feel like you are riding just like a pro while staying safe at the same time.

Or if you simply want to be in total control of your ride, then you can opt for the USER mode to let you set the ride that you exactly want by customizing everything. And just enjoy the ride from there!

These features  when combined with the upright riding position delivers an outstanding balance of handling, performance, and comfort whether you are just enjoying a leisure ride in and around the city or taking a long cross-country adventure trip, and every other trip in between.

And because safety is Honda’s priority, The All-NewXL750 Transalphas thefront and rear “Wave” disc brakes. Specifically, this system includes a dual-disc front configuration with 2-Channel Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) withswitchable rear ABS. This system gives you safe and responsive braking performance underany riding condition. Meanwhile, the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) with wheelie control, and theEmergency Stop Signal (ESS). A safety feature to avoid collision. It provides a warning signal to someone behind when sudden hard brake engine.

Further boosting this bike’s versatility is a 5-inch TFT Full Color LCD Multi-Functional  display with the Honda Smartphone Voice Control System (HSVCS) that allows riders to control their Bluetooth-enabled smartphone hands-free when using the Honda Road Sync App. This system permits access to a number of smartphone functions like calls, text messaging, music playback, and navigation.

Finally, The All-New XL750 Transalp is offered in two exciting colors: Ross White and Matte Ballistic Black Metallic.

Truly, The All-NewXL750 Transalpis a welcome – and exciting – addition to Honda’s line of big bikes for Filipinos looking to get the most out of their adventures.

To know more about Honda Big Bikes visit your nearest Honda Flagship Shop.Moreinformation about HPI is available at Stay updated on Honda’s newest products and promos by following Honda Philippines, Inc. on Facebook and Instagram (@hondaph_mc), or contacting (02)-8581-6700 to 6799, and 0917-884-6632.

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Locally Golden, Globally Shining; Golden Prince Hotel

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Locally Golden, Globally Shining; Golden Prince Hotel

Imagine a place where time stands still, and every corner holds a secret waiting to be unraveled. As you step through the hotel's majestic entrance, a sense of anticipation tingles in the air, inviting you to embark on a journey beyond imagination.

Welcome to Golden Prince Hotel & Suites, a haven of Cebuano hospitality where warm smiles and heartfelt greetings await you. Nestled in Barangay Kamputhaw, along Acacia Street in Ayala's bustling business district, the Golden Prince Hotel invites you to indulge in the Cebuano Golden Experience.
Owing much to its Cebuano theme, the establishment prides itself in locally grown Cacao Beansproducing delicious Sikwate. Savor a cup of this traditional Cebuano beverage and be transported back to peaceful afternoons filled with serenity. Amidst the city's fast pace, Golden Prince Hotel offers a warm cup and friendly company, providing a sanctuary for weary souls.
Not only does Golden Prince Hotel strive to deliver exceptional service, but it also aims to contribute to a cleaner, greener, and healthier Earth. The hotel's commitment to sustainability is reflected in its efforts to minimize its carbon footprint. By choosing Golden Prince Hotel, you join the journey towards a more sustainable future.

With a focus on innovation, Golden Prince Hotel has embarked on urban farming initiatives, including a Hydroponics farm located on its rooftop. This innovative system allows crops to grow without soil, ensuring a free flow of necessary nutrients and minerals. The result is higher quality crops and greater yield per harvest. Freshly grown lettuce from this farm is served daily at the buffet, offering travelers a guarantee of exceptional quality. Curious onlookers are welcome to dabble in the practice of hydroponics farming as the hotel provides basic introductory kits for urban farming.
The excellence of Golden Prince Hotel's services is matched by its commitment to developing top-notch professionals in the local hospitality industry. Through the Golden Resource Academy for Career Enhancement (GRACE), located within the hotel, they provide industry-based training programs for aspiring professionals in Food and Beverage Services, Housekeeping Services, and Bartending Services. Upholding values of discipline, consistency, and camaraderie, GRACE ensures that only the finest individuals emerge as ambassadors of Cebuano hospitality.
Discipline, Consistency, and Camaraderie are the cornerstones of our pursuit of excellence at Golden Prince. For all the many roads anyone could ever take in a lifetime, let this one takes you to a true Cebuano Golden Experience.

For inquiries and reservations, visit our website at or contact us at +63 32 233-8660 | +639173228660 | +639189515498.
Support locals and experience true Cebuano hospitality right here in the Heart of Cebu, at Golden Prince Hotel!
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We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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RAFI OTT Launches Virtual Run for Reforestation

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RAFI OTT Launches Virtual Run for Reforestation 


Take green strides this Philippine Environment Month and get moving for the environment! 


Put on your running shoes and start running for the environment.


Advocating for physical wellness and environmental conservation, the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc., through its One To Tree (RAFI OTT) Program, is proud to launch its first virtual run, "Run2Plant." Co-presented by Pinoy Fitness and in partnership with Cebu Pacific, Saving Daigdig, and official media partner, Radio Mindanao Foundation, this exciting sports event will take place from June 1-30, 2023. By participating in the virtual run, participants can contribute to reforestation efforts and make a positive impact on the environment. 


The Run2Plant Virtual Run offers participants an opportunity to make a tangible difference by contributing to reforestation and greening projects. Registered runners contribute to the native tree growing of RAFI OTT and support partner farmers in Borbon, Cebu. The run aims to plant 5,000 native trees in Cebu. 


Providing flexibility and convenience, the virtual run enables participants to complete their run at their preferred time and location. Whether running solo or in a group, participants can choose to run from either 10K, 25K, or 50K, while embracing the spirit of unity and environmental consciousness. 


“Just in time for the Philippine Environment Month, we are very thrilled to announce the return of Run2Plant. We invite everyone to strap on their running shoes and run for the environment. More than the physical benefits that running and exercise bring to our bodies, we also contribute to the overall well-being of our planet. This project is a manifestation of OTT’s overall goal which is to increase our forest cover and to alleviate the immense effects of climate change on our planet. By combining the joy of running with the impactful act of native tree planting, we actively contribute to the restoration of our environment,” shares Anthony Dignadice, RAFI OTT Program Director.  


Apart from running with a purpose, participants gets a chance to win two domestic roundtrip tickets from Cebu Pacific and other exciting prizes. Upon completion of the running period, all participants will also receive an e-Certificate of Tree Growing, a finisher medal and a finisher shirt.  


Registration for Run2Plant is now open on the following online platforms: 

Registration Venue: 
1. Google Play Store –
Click Here 
2. Apple Store – Click Here 


Early bird discounts and free medal engraving are available for those who sign up before May 31, 2023.


Registration fee are as follows:


EARLY BIRD: Until May 31 
Medal + Tree Planted – P495 
Medal + Shirt + Tree Planted – P895 


REGULAR RATE: Until June 10 
Medal + Tree Planted – P595 
Medal + Shirt + Tree Planted – P995 


– PLUS P100 Delivery Fee 
– FREE Medal Engraving until May 31 
– Entitlements will be delivered 4 weeks after the event ends on June 30, 2023 
– International runners are welcome, but we require a valid Philippine address to deliver the finisher entitlements. 


Participants can pay through the following payment gateways: 


Payment Details: 
1. Register to the event via the
PF Atleta App 
2. Wait for confirmation Email 
3. Deposit Payment via: 


Account Type: Savings 
Account No: 00-742-001-6795 


East West Bank 
Account No: 200003486744 


Account Type: Savings 
Account No: 3211-0912-57 


Mobile Number: 0936-934-2528 


4. Email Deposit Slip together with your PF Atleta Transaction ID


How does a Virtual Race work? 
Download the Pinoy Fitness App on Google Play or Apple Store 

– Choose and Register on RUN2PLANT Virtual Run via the Pinoy Fitness App 
– Use a GPS-tracking running app, watch or treadmill 
– Track and Finish the Race 
– Take a photo of your result 
– Submit your Run 


– “No completion, no reward” policy; This race is based on honor system, periodic checks will be done on the submissions. 
– All GPS-based App and Treadmill Submissions are allowed. 
– Account will be suspended if fraudulent results are found. 


Join Run2Plant today and run for the environment! Together, we can take a significant stride towards a greener and sustainable Earth.  

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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Eastern Communications fortifies support for Cebu businesses

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 Eastern Communications fortifies support for Cebu businesses.

Partnerships with CCCI, CCAP to drive growth and attain a digital-first city.

Philippine premier telecommunications and ICT solutions provider Eastern Communications officially
announces the renewal of its long-standing partnership with the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and
Industry (CCCI) for the highly anticipated Cebu Business Months (CBM 2023). This significant
collaboration aims to bolster Cebu businesses through their digital transformation journey.
The recent contract signing between Eastern Communications and CCCI, held in Cebu, solidifies their
shared commitment to promote growth and global competitiveness among enterprises in the
region. With great excitement, Eastern Communications looks forward to actively supporting CBM
2023, inviting all Cebu businesses to expand their horizons through a series of events organized by
CCCI and to evolve with Eastern’s wide array of business-grade connectivity plans ICT solutions.
Now on its 27th year with the theme, Cebu ‘ta bai!”, CBM 2023 sets its sights on shaping the future.
for the next generation, fostering growth, education, and sustainability across various industry.
sectors in Cebu. The Cebuano term Cebu ‘ta bai! meaning Let's go to Cebu, friend in English, or Cebu tayo, kaibigan” in Filipino, encapsulates the rallying call for local business leaders and startups.
to choose, visit and invest in Cebu, which can boost the economic growth and development for the
Visayas and its neighboring provinces.

In fact, Cebu’s hospitality sector is booming and showing promising growth this year, following the
upsurge in domestic and foreign tourists. According to recent news released by one of Eastern's
esteemed industry partners, the Hotel, Resort, and Restaurant Association of Cebu Inc. (HRRACI),
hotels in the Cebu Business District are currently operating at an impressive 70% occupancy rate as
of May 2023.
CBM 2023 serves as a platform to explore new avenues of business growth and innovation, elevating
Cebu to the status of a world-class city that nurtures emerging businesses. Some of the highlights of
CBM include the Grand Opening Salvo in June, the Tourism Summit in July, the Technology Summit
in August, and many more. More exciting lineup of activities for Cebu’s business landscape will be
announced soon.

Empowering Cebu’s BPO Industry
Exciting opportunities are also in store for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, as the
Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) Cebu in partnership with Eastern
Communications, recently hosted the Cebu Member Roundtable discussion with CCAP heads and
executives at NUSTAR Resort & Casino in Cebu.
This exclusive forum delved into the latest infrastructure updates and served as an excellent
platform for exploring the limitless potential surrounding the future of the rapidly expanding BPO
industry in Metro Cebu.

As one of the premier Philippine telecommunications companies, Eastern Communications has
evolved into a world-class telecommunications and ICT solutions company providing an extensive
portfolio of services that include Connectivity Solutions, Network Solutions, Security Solutions, Cloud
and Data Center Solutions, and Business Applications. It continues to be the solutions partner of
choice for the biggest industry players in the country through its unique brand of High Tech; and its High Touch service. Eastern Communications was awarded Telco of the Year in the 2020 Asia
Leaders Awards and has received accolades from prestigious award-giving bodies such as The Stevie
Awards program, Best Employer Brand Awards, Philippine Quill Awards, and Anvil Awards, among

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Childlink, Ramon Duterte National High School reading program to improve basic reading skills for school’s Grade 7 students

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 Recognizing the importance of reading in education, Childlink Learning Center and High School Inc. remains committed to its partnership with the Ramon Duterte National High School (RDNHS) for the implementation of the  I Learn I Read program.


The I Learn I Read program is organized by the English Department of Ramon Duterte National High School to give assistance and help extension to Grade 7 students who do not have basic reading skills and had low performance in school due to the lack of reading skills. It is conducted after their classes, from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.


“It is very important to teach students how to read because knowing how to read will help them become confident in going to school and in doing their academics,” said Ms. Maria Theresa Tio, Childlink founder and school directress. “Knowing how to read will motivate them to learn more and become better individuals. Knowing how to read will increase their comprehension and understanding of their lessons.”


According to Ms. Tio, the I Learn I Read program aims to develop the reading skills of the Grade 7 non-readers so they could read on their own. “After learning how to read, it is expected that their academic performance and attitude towards schooling is positive and progressing,” she explained.


Childlink donated to the RDNHS the complete set of Big Books from A-Z and the early literacy workbooks in Writing, Reading, Math and Science, which were supplementary to the program. The program was implemented starting August last year.


Initially, Childlink proposed that the program target preschoolers but the RDNHS saw the need for it among Grade 7 students who lack basic reading skills.


Childlink re-engineered the program to fit to the target beneficiaries, Ms. Tio said during the Stakeholders Engagement event organized by the school.


The Philippines scored the lowest in Reading out of the 70 countries included in the 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). It found that only one in five Filipino learners aged 15 achieved at least the minimum proficiency level in Overall Reading Literacy.


The 2019 Southeast Asia Primary Learning Metrics also showed that only 10 percent of the country's Grade 5 learners achieved minimum proficiency at the end of primary education.


Meanwhile, the World Bank estimated that the country's learning poverty is at 90.9 percent. According to the World Bank, learning poverty means being unable to read and understand a simple text by age 10.


Studies have shown that reading benefits learners since it helps them develop self-esteem, improved concentration, critical and analytical thinking skills, stronger memory skills, and expanded vocabulary.

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Exploring the Vibrant Streets of Hong Kong: A Cultural Journey

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 Hong Kong, a bustling metropolis nestled in southeastern China, is renowned for its vibrant streets that offer a captivating blend of traditional culture and modernity. In this blog post, we embark on a virtual journey through the streets of Hong Kong, uncovering its unique charm, diverse neighborhoods, and captivating sights. Get ready to immerse yourself in the dynamic energy and rich heritage that make Hong Kong's streets a true feast for the senses.

This post is just to show random pictures I've taken as I stroll the streets of #hongkong, I hope you enjoy, I'll be writing as well, beautiful places to stop by and a place to dine with.  Thankyou for dropping by.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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