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Macao Imperial Tea Philippines at SM Seaside Cebu " Cutest Drinks Ever"

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Peace, hello my love, how are you? as writing this one, I'm currently at home taking care of my youngest son, coz he has an upset stomach. Mommy duty. Anyway, I'll be sharing with you the cutest drinks ever, hahaha!!! so obsessed with the Macao Imperial Tea Philippines drinks especially the For You and For Me, which I'll be showing to you some pictures below.

Macao Imperial Tea currently had more than 350 branches all over the world and their expanding for more. Here in the Philippines, they already had a branch in Metro Manila and this is their first branch in Cebu located at SM Seaside Mountain wing Area 2nd floor. They will have their grand opening this coming March 31, 2018.

You will encounter this cute bear as you order your drinks, just saying, I super love their cute and simple design suited for different genres of life. And what's good in this place, if you're a coffee drinker and wanted to do internet stuff, this is a good place for you, sockets everywhere, strong wifi connection as well.


They are offering various types of drinks from hot to cold selection. Be sure to visit them they will be giving away free bear tumblers which are the famous FOR YOU & FOR ME for the first 100 customers during their opening day on March 31 and a buy 1 take one on selected drinks. The most interesting part is that if you buy one of these drinks and would love to visit the place again, you can use the same tumbler on your previous visit because it's recyclable. They said it's one way for them to help our mother nature. Good cause right? 


My personal favorite is the Lemon Juice Mix

I love chocolates, so I will never miss this one.

For more information about Macao Imperial Tea Philippines v

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TRENDS Salon & Spa my "ME TIME Destination"

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Hello my loves, how are you?  I hope you're doing fine. Sharing this great news with you is irrevocable, you know why? I'm just super excited to spread the word regarding the new place I called my newest "ME TIME" destination 

TRENDS Salon & Spa 

Trends Salon & Spa had its soft opening on March 15th, but has officially opened its doors to the public through grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday, March 24th at Unit 9B Ompad Square (Acasia Ompad), Poblacion, Lapu-Lapu City.

The salon is owned by a lovely couple from UK, Mr. Ndaba Nxumalo, and Ms. Joni Lee Funa, a Cebuana.

The salon itself offers a wide range of services including Brazilian blowout, straightening, perming, hair treatments, hair and make-up, nail care services and many more. Men's grooming and hair styling are readily available as well.

With salon prices ranging from the cheapest manicure or pedicure services at only P 70.00, to a combo package of manicure + pedicure + Foot spa + Jet massage of only P 350.00, it is definitely more than your money's worth. Hair cut is very affordable at P 50.00 and hair color, hair treatments price range starts at P 300.00. 

Trends' Brazilian blowout starts at P 1,000.00 only! Prices vary according to hair lengths and any additional service a client wants to avail. The salon's hair and nail stylists are always open to give advice on what's best for their clients. But what the salon especially boasts is its spa jet chair which serves a dual purpose - foot spa and chair massage at the same time. Relaxing, satisfying at a very affordable price. Trends Salon & Spa caters to all customers as it offers high end and low end services affordable enough for everyone. This sets Trends Salon & Spa apart from the rest of the salons in Lapu-Lapu City.

As you can see the Salon interior is super neat, I love the elegant chairs and the white combination, it's simple and chic and comfortable in the eyes.

I personally love their Jet Spa, indeed it's super relaxing and affordable and aside from that it's just one ride away from home. I would love to bring my husband over to experience the ultimate relaxing experience I had on my next visit. They have various choices as well if you want to have more art on your nails. The owner said they will have Gel Nail polish soon, so I bet a lot of people will like it especially this summer season because it's long lasting. If you're from Lapu=Lapu City then this is a great opportunity for you Oponganons. Mostly the known landmark is Mercado Acasia, you will never get lost, hahaha!!!! just don't mind the last picture it's just a thing to have an irrevocable pose. Just kidding though. Please check my VLOG soon for this as always there's a video for you, visit my youtube channel to get more updates on my upcoming videos. Don't forget to subscribe and clicking the BELL icon will stay you up in the loop. Thank you.

Have a blessed Lent season. Godbless

Check more info about the salon

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We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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Pantone Color of the Year 2018 Empowering Women All around the WORLD "Women's MONTH"

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Hello my loves how are you? since March is a Women's Month, let me share another part of me, I mentioned on my previous post on how to take care of our skin, but today I'll talk about the video about my message to all Women in the world with all my heart. One of my passion is makeup, to create something that I want, and integrate my thoughts about something in order for me to convey what I really wanted to say, it's kinda odd, that I wanted this video to be more heard than watch the makeup itself, because the truth is I made this video because of the message, not the makeup, well the makeup is just a bonus. That's why in the video, I didn't explain what products I'm using, what to do, but instead I wanted people to hear the voice behind those scenes. EMPOWERING WOMEN!!!.

Pantone Color of the Year 2018 Empowering Women All around the WORLD "Women's MONTH"

Though I must admit, I think I'm not good in anything, I just tried to learn, improve, and share what I have to the world, which will help to different people in many ways, but there is another side who don't understand what I'm trying to say. Enough with this mumbling, hahaha!!!!

No matter what circumstances were in, we need to watch, look and listen and then move forward. That's life, Failing, learning and doing the same process again. I hope that you will listen to what I would say until the end, and be recharged. GO GIRL POWER!!!!

Why I choose Pantone color, because it is said that it's the color of the year, even though I didn't explain what I did in this video, let me share it on this blog.

This is my first time to put glue on my brows, hahaha!!! it's so much fun.

I started off with my base, moisturize, prime and foundation
set everything with a powder
and concealing my brows.

I used a blue eye pencil for my brows and set the inner corner with a purple eyeshadow to add depth.
I also used a yellow eyeshadow to highlight my brow bone.

contouring my nose area and forehead with purple eyeshadow and fill the rest of my face with pink shimmery eyeshadow.

For the eyes
I started with purple eyeshadow on the crease, bringing it upward on my brow bone area.
From the inner crease, I used pink eyeshadow
and to add depth I used a black eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye.

to highlight my nose,  I used white flower petals to add a little bit of drama.

on my lips, I combine, blue and purple eyeshadow, because I don't have a lipstick that matches the color that I wanted to create.
fun fact: Used eyeshadow as lipstick

I added a little of dimension on my checks, I created random shapes, I'm kind of confused as well what to make, to be honest, but I love the results. I used a white liner first and blend it with white cream eyeshadow.

On my hair and neck
I just used a Purple Color Hairspray. I wanted to use a purple wig, but I don't have it.

I hope everything makes sense,  Thank you so much for dropping by.


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We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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Skin Health Care Talks with Philippine Dermatological Society

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Peace to all!!!! Hello my loves how are you? it's been a while since my latest post. I've been wanting to share this with you but I think this is the most favorable time because in celebration of Women's Month. We as Women must take care of our skin, we must be beautiful inside and out, today I'll be sharing to you different talks from different remarkable women from Philippine Dermatological Society, theyshared so much information to help us realizes and take good care of our skin.

According to Dr. Marilou Ong, president of Philippine Dermatological Society- Southern Philippines Chapter it is best to see Doctors who are truly certified and members of Philippine Dermatological Society to make sure that we are in good hands, there are so many issues regarding glutathione drip that is circulating nowadays, she talks how fatal it is during the Skin fair held at Robinsons Galleria (Skin Health and Eczema Congress). I've made a video out of the congress you should watch it as well, to hear it directly from them. 

In the said event, there are so many doctors wherein you can have your checkups and they can give you useful advice, there are skincare booths, demos, and different talks 

Dr. Aileen I. Pena - Dumdum, MD, FPDS talks about " How Do We Protect Ourselves from  harmful UV rays, all you need o remember is these things


(Starts automatically at Dr. Aileen Seminar)
must see detailed facts you must know
(02:54 -06:24)

Dr. Malinda Vasquez, Dermatologist, FPDS  talkes about ECZEMA

What is an Eczema?
Eczema is an acute or chronic pruritic inflammation of the epidermis and dermis. In asociation with a personal family history of hay fever, asthma, or atopic dermatitis.   

Stepped Approach to treatment of Eczema
Conservative Theraphy
1. Education-Prevention
2. Use of emollients/moisturizers
3. See a PDS-Board Certified Dermatologist

More detailed facts on this video about Eczema
starts automatically at Dr. Malinda Vasquez Seminar
6:30 - 16:00

Choric Skin Disorder
Flaky Skin doesn't go away with ordinary lotion
Affects any part of the body including scalp and nails.

Is it in the genes?
Genetic Predisposition
Both parents with Psoriasis : Child has 75% risk
One parent with Psoriasis : Child has 15%risk

How Do We Treat Psoriasis
Seek help from certified dermatologist
There is no cure
Healthy diet is important for well being, but there is no link between diet and severity of Psoriasis
Always consult your doctor when taking vitamins and supplements where some maybe of more harm
Topicals, oral meds, and injectables.

According to PDS team their are cetain support group when it comes to Psoriasis
Cebu Flakers

Facts about Psoriasis that everyone must know

Know more about Philippine Dermatological Society

I hope that this information will be a great help to you, thank you so much for dropping by, ofcourse this is the full video of the whole event. 


Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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Peace, hello my loves how are you? Today I'm just excited to share with you that a Bisaya Film will be showing Nationwide and I'm talking about MAGBUWAG TA KAY or what we called MTK. Personally, I'm super touched with this because it's super rare to see a Bisaya film which is supported by big networks and finally it came, that this Bisaya film is being acknowledged, it is such a blessing and an opportunity to all local artist. According to Ms. Sunshine Lim head of Heritage Production with Viva Films, it will be shown on all SM Cinemas Nationwide, this coming March 7, 2018. 

All I can say is that this movie is worth to watch, it will make you laugh super as in, and it will make your heart flutter, make you cry in some parts but in a positive way because there will be a lot of lessons in life which is super applicable nowadays. If you know Rowell Ucat or well known as Medyo Maldito, if you're a fan, which I am, you better watch this, He is one of the main cast and paired with ms. Akiko Solon, and the well known Snake Princess, and more local artist. 

Well, of course, me with the cast picture is irrevocable, hahahaha!!!!

More information about this check their official Facebook Page @BisayaRomCom FB:

For tickets visit SM Cinemas,
Be excited and be in love.

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We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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