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Atomy Listick

Good day everyone, another amazing product of Atomy, that I'm delighted with.
This is the Atomy Lipstick  in Tangerine color, since I'm usually not into dark colors on my lips, I opted into this color, I do like nude effect on the lips, light pink, chocolate, tuape, etc!

To start with, I was really looking of a color, that gives a fresh effect on face, something not too dark, not too light. When I go over the colors of Atomy Lipstick, I chose to have this, my bestfriend, loved ruby red as well, but for me I prefered this color, more of the said. Here's some pics of the lipstick

The Colors
A lot of beautiful colors to choose from

The Packaging

 The packaging is Elegant

 Its, so full of moisturizing effect, it will never make my lips crack, It's sheer effect made me look fresh as well, I love this lipstick, I did use this on one of my make up gig, They love it.

That's all for now!!!


We will triumph with the help of God who will trample own all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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