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Contouring "My Way"

Good day to every one, I'm so excited to share 
this contouring make up I did recently. I'm not really into this type of make up, but I just give it a try. First I'm not fun of using creams on my face because I have an oily skin, that's why cream is not actually my bet, but today I'll be sharing to you this contouring cream that I used as an experiment. hahaha!!!! I'm not pretty sure what will come out on this craziness I'm into, but anyway I just give it a go for a change. Well this is one of the products that I used on this contouring " My Way"

You can check the pictures below what color I specifically used, please check the legend below, usually I apply corrector to hide my dark circles. hahaha!!!!


01. First prepare your skin, by cleaning it and don't forget to moisturize your skin, before applying any make up. 
02. Apply your foundation (its best to use cream foundation if your going to use cream products for contour.
02. Trace the dark color in areas you want to create shadows (please check the picture below) and trace the light color on areas where in you wanted to pop up even more. You can use contour brush or concealer brush.
03. Blend the products. Some would like to use sponge, they simply pressed the products into skin, but for me I blend the products by using my F80 sigma brush. 
04. Apply your loose or pressed powder all over you face to set everything. For me I used my Atomy Mineral compact powder by using your powder brush in light strokes motion.
05. I outlined my eyebrow by using Nichido brown color pencil, you can check here how do I outline my brow, it's a very simple and easy step.
06. I really like to add some layer, for long lasting effect, so I used my Yves Rocher bronzer to add a little depth on the area where I trace the dark color, .
 07. Using the sponge of my Atomy Mineral Compact powder with a little product on it. I layered the top of my nose to further lightened the area.
08. Apply your favorite eye shadow. It depends on you but, what I did use on this look is my christian dior palette.

09. Dont forget to apply Eye liner to give your eyes a dramatic look. Applying eye liner can really enhance your eye area. 
10. Apply your favorite mascara.
11. Put on your blush on on your cheek bones. For me I use my all time favorite Ellana Minerals in Fulfillment.
10. Outline your lip line by using Lip liner pencil, I recommend to use nude colors or colors that matches the color of your lips and then apply your favorite lipstick.
11. To finished it up, don't forget to add a little translucent powder on the areas you highlighted, just  a little strokes though. For me nose, upper lip  is a must.

I hope that this can help in any means.

If you have any questions just feel free to write in the comment section below. Thank you for reading and Godbless.

Till next post.


We will triumph with the help of God who will trample own all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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