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Faceshop Pro Eyelash Glue Review | Cykaniki

Hello Beautiful's, how are you doing today?  I'm so excited to share this review to you, I've been busy lately with work, makeup gig and doing things with kids, so sorry for not updating that much. So again here I am, sharing this to you, I hope you find this helpful. This video below will show you how this lash glue works wonders on me, I've tried a lot of products and it was an epic failure. Please give this video a little love by hitting th like button, sharing it to your fiends and families or to whom you think this can help. I would like to take this opportunity as well to thank my subscribers for supporting me all the way and for those who are not yet subscribe to my youtube channel please do so for more videos. So more on this product: 

What I like in this lash glue:

  • The packaging is very cute and travel friendly 
  • It doesn't possess foul smell
  • I like when the white color will change to blueish one when applies to the falsies
  • It's very affordable, it cost P175.00
  • You can buy it at any TheFaceshop store 
  • During my firs test by wearing it all day while inside the house together with kids, the falsies was not removed for almost 10 hours. Usually my problem was the falsies on the inner part of my eye is the first part that will move and will lose it's grip
  • The second test was this video it will show you how the lashes stays in place even if I'm outside under the sun and having the pressure of the strong wind during our travels, My family, attended the mass, buy some groceries, ate dinner and played with kids. Most of all it lasted for about 8 hours, but if you watch the whole video you can see that until 10PM the lashes are still intact, If I did not remove it, maybe it will still stays maybe 1 to 2 hrs maximum but because I'm so sleepy I need to remove it.
Over all rating was a perfect 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you find this helpful, If you haven't tried these yet, you really need to try it, it's the best eyelash glue ever.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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