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Bacolod Trip

Blessings, blessings, blessings, I'll say it again blessings. For me circumstances are blessings, sometimes we may not see it right there and then, but for sure it's present everywhere.

Sharing to yo my innermost gratitude last July 16 to 20, I was invited to be part of my friends wedding in Bacolod and I am one of the person who co-coordinated with their wedding, did some makeup gig and did some videos and reviews. It was a very fruitful trip.

I'll start with July 16, we arrive exactly 7pm, took a van going to 11th street Bed and Breakfast In, that place is super affordable, we just paid P650/room for one night , because the next day we will be checking in to the Hotel reserved for us wherein the reception of the wedding will be held. By the way in one room, there are 3 beds. We're not that choosy because P650 room is non aircon. Anyway that Inn offered free painit, we have free coffee and toasted bread early in the morning. After a cup of coffee we visited their Cathedral, It was a huge Church and the aisle is too long. I even joked my friend that if ever she will be married in this church you need to have an epic walk going to the alter.

After that We also visited their Museum, there are a lot of old Alter things especially Vest.

My friends Anamarie and Decelyn

After that, we go directly to Grand Circle inn, and did our preparation, me and my friends help with the decors and stuff that night and we took our lunch at the Masskara, guys the chicken there is super delicious and after that we go back to the hotel to do some preparation again. I also practiced some easy dance moves for trumpets and Running man challenge because the couple requested to have a mob dance after the wedding and we did record a bit, check my Vlog on it, it was super fun.

As coordinator we need to check if the call time of every people involved will be monitored, we slept nearly 1am and our call time was 2am, that was a little nap, hahaha, but everything went fine. Early we did call the makeup artist, because everybody's call time is 4am. To make the story short, It was a successful church wedding. 

Here comes the reception part. Unfortunately the files I have in the US did not play on their Laptop so we used the laptop of the groom, praise God everything works well, and I became the operator of audio and video because of that incident. hahaha, multi tasking isn't it? 

After the wedding, everybody's happy and praising God for everything and here's the additional Blessings. The couple gave us a tour on Mambukal Resort and Campuestuhan, It was indeed full of fun, I will be posting some photos to let you see. In Campuestuhan we paid P150/person for the entrance fee. There are a lot of rides, you check their websites regarding their rides rate.Campuestuhan site
Mambukal Resort


My friend Decelyn 

The generous couple, Godbless

I've made a video on our day 1 & 2 trip, hope you will enjoy our adventure

and a separate video for Day 3 & 4

I hope you enjoy reading and watching, Bacolod Philippines has a lot to offer.

Special thanks to Lorie and Gian for having a big heart. 

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample own all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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