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300 Peso Makeup Challenge $7 + Hacks

In these days, things are getting more expensive, and for moms, students and ordinary workers like have a tight budget. It's really a challenge to find a good products which performs like the branded ones. I'm a person who would rather pick up locally made products even if it's cheap, because I'm on the cheaper side if I may say.  But nonetheless I want as well the products that I used, to have a good quality, so I will be mentioning some products on this blog obviously it's  P300 makeup challenge which you can use in your daily makeup routine. I hope this will help people whose on a budget and wanted to put on some makeup.

I will be listing the product used and my personal opinion about it.

First: Iwhite BBholic for P24.50
Honestly, I was really shock, this is the first time that I used this product and I'm really amazed of it's performance on my skin, this color really matches my skintone and it smells so good.

Second: Johnson's baby powder for P12.00
You might wonder why I used baby powder, I loved this powder because I have an oily skin and I don't want to feel sticky at all when I wear makeup, so even if I'm having a foundation or a bb cream, I'll make sure to dust a little bit of ths powder to have a fresh feeling.

Third: Nichido Brown Pencil for P36.50
This is really my go to brow pencil, I've used it since college and until now. I like this because it's not waxxy at all and it stays long.

Fourth: EB Ever Bilena Thick Lash Mascara for P85.00
for a price of P85.00 this product will really gives you that volume that you wanted to achieve.
This is really a good alternative if your on a tight budget or just want to try local products.

Fifth: Petroleum Jelly for P31.75
this is good for moisturizing your lips and areas where in you feel dryness
To be honest I used this at my feet before before sleeping to have a smooth and without crack heels, it's a little bit thick but you will be amazed with the result.

Fifth: Nichido Lip liner for P100.00
this is a little bit pricey but for the quality, I can definitely guarantee that it's worthed. It has a matte finished and will really last long.

If you want to see some techniques on how I used this products on my face kindly watched this short video. I hope you will learn some tips, which you can use on your daily makeup routine.

Thank you so much for reading and watching. If you have any comments or suggestions please leave them below, I'll be happy to know. Godbless

Best Regards,

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