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Meeting Michelle Dy at Benefit SM Seaside Cebu

Peace, hello my loves how are you today? on my side today was kind of hectic but everything turned out to be a great day. I decided to write this to you because I got too excited to share, hahaha!!!. 
This day started with no sleep, yes literally. Last night I slept 1 hour I guess or less, I was editing video and slept almost 2 am, and woke up 3 am because I had a wedding gig. I'm blessed to handle 5 clients today. The wedding was early morning, so as their makeup artist I need to be there as early as I can. Kind off dizzy but was able to manage it. I'm done by 8:30 AM and jut waited until 11 am to give the bride a retouch before entering the reception area. After that, I went t one of my client for hair and makeup services at Talamban Cebu. Since I can't find a taxi I was able to ride a motorcycle it's called here in Cebu habal habal! eventually, I was able to manage the time and for the exciting part is I was given the opportunity to meet Michelle Dy a famous YouTuber in the Philippines at Benefit store at SM Seaside Cebu. I thought I couldn't make it. I took a taxi and I was stuck with heavy traffic from Talamban going to SM Seaside was a pain in my ass and my pocket you know, taxi meter and the traffic, but as I arrived the place, I'm super blessed enough because I'm the last person counted to got in and take pictures with the mashies and Michelle Dy herself.

Picture taking was kind of rush because I was star struck by then, hahahaha!!! literally, my hands were shaking and I can't even vlog but I tried my best to take pictures and videos, here are my pictures with them.
I'm too excited with this picture, it shows right?

With the mamshies Sheronan and mamshie James.

Let me tour you around the Benefit Store here in Cebu, maybe you haven't visited them yet. Here's the sneak peak. By the way, they are located on the upper ground floor. Personally, I'm thankful at last they have a branch here. Slowly famous cosmetic brands are accessible in Cebu and it must help makeup enthusiast here. Thank you Benefit PH

The piece that captures me is the Benetint bottle on the ceiling, isn't it cute?

Benefit never fails to make their customer wow on their artsy design and color themes. cute right?
Do you agree? I love their interior designs. 

And of course candidly taking selfies, kind of awkward because at this point their all starring at me. hahahah!!! para sa blog/vlog.

I'm not yet done with the pictures, 

If you havent followed Michelle Dy, this is the right time, she does makeup tutorials on youtube and one of the leading youtubers in the Philippines

Michelle Dy, Mamshies and Benefit staff and owners.
#benefitPH #BenefitlovesMichelleDy

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Today was such fun, a lot of blessings and was happy with everything, how about you? again thank you for dropping by and Godbless.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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