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First Pure Bisaya Film on the BIG screen " MAGBUWAG TA KAY"

If you're a Cebuano or Bisaya like me, you will be very proud of this upcoming movie, full of family values and an exciting love story which will show you the true color of love knowing that it will be taken from you after 30 days.

This film was produced by VIVA Films, at last, Bisaya films are slowly acknowledged by big industries. The main character of this movie is Mr. Rowell Ucat or well known as Medyo Maldito the Hugot king and her leading lady is Ms. Akiko Solon a star who started at Star Magic

. I think if you are a follower of Medyo Maldito you will also think about the famous snake princess The partner that Mr. Rowell Ucat started with on his viral videos. The long wait for this movie is over. Its premier night will be held at SM City Cebu on Nov. 30, 2017, and the advance screening nationwide will be this coming, December 1, 2, 3 and December 8, 9, and 10. You can check the official page of Magbuwag Ta Kay for tickets information.

You will also witness the acting skills of Ukay Ukay Diva on Big screen as well and famous Bisaya Actors.

Maybe you're wondering whose that character on my right side? He is the only one bottled water diva. During the presscon of Magbuwag Ta Kay he was the MC of the night and everybody was so delighted with his moves. Hahahaha!!! watch my Vlog to witness it yourself.

Ms. Akiko Solon shares that it's super easy to work with Mr. Rowell Ucat because he is such a gentleman and he shows such passion and dedication at work, which she admires the most. Aren't they sweet? are you excited about this film? If you're a Bisaya you should watch this, let's support bisaya film.

Here's my full VLOG about the event: 

Thank you so much for dropping by, let's meet at the premiere night, Godbless.

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