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First Ever Digital Playground in the Philippines

Classic children’s games are taken to the next level at the country’s first-ever digital playground! The PlayLab, Robinsons Galleria Cebu’s newest attraction, brings leisure time to a whole different dimension while providing immersive educational entertainment with 14 exciting attractions, the PlayLab features hi-tech gadgets, exciting games, and unlimited adventures that are sure to amaze, inspire, and educate its little visitors:

1.       Room Racers – Create a DIY obstacle course in this solo or group racing game, and bring it to life with the help of wireless controllers, a projector, and an infrared camera!

2.       Head Rush – You’ll have to think fast in this obstacle course! Mind your speed, outrun your opponents, and fly past hurdles in a crazy, holographic 3D battleground.

3.       Quantum Space – Catch a glimpse of yourself in the cosmos and create abstract art with every move. The colors of the universe come alive in this interactive video projection.

4.       SensaCell – Your touch can light up the whole space—tap these touch-sensitive light modules and play around with a whole myriad of colors!
5.       Music Wall – Love to play music? This interactive projection lets you toot your own horn, or march to the beat of your own drum—whatever that sounds like!

6.       Tangram – Soar through space in your own, unique rocket ship! Craft it using all sorts of shapes, and press LAUNCH to start your next galactic adventure!
7.       Save the Reef – Mother Nature needs your help to keep our reefs from being polluted! Save the day using innovative visual technology, and keep our waters trash-free.

8.       Growth Chart – No tiptoeing here! Get accurate results from this hi-tech height chart that uses sensors to measure just how tall you really are.

9.       World of Zodiacs – Engage in a little astrological fun! With facial recognition and augmented reality, you’ll get a complete zodiac transformation.

10.   Slide – Take the plunge and slide down a projected jungle—interactive visual projections and sensors will take you to see the exotic fish, the budding plants, and the cool water!

11.   Butterfly Wall – Ever wanted to design your own butterfly? With high-impact scanning and full animation, your butterfly drawings fly off the paper and go up into the screen!
12.   Live Forest – Go green and fill up this forest with your favorite animals! With high-impact scanning and full animation, you can bring your colored creations into digital reality.

13.   Light Bright – If you’re an artist, it’s time to upgrade that easel! Craft your next masterpiece with this light installation, and watch it glow with translucent, acrylic pegs.

14.   Sand Box – Sandbox adventures are about to get way more exciting! With 3D cameras and augmented reality, every dig reveals a thrilling new layer!

The PlayLab is at The Greens Level 1 of Robinsons Galleria Cebu. Entrance fee is P200 per head on weekdays and P250 per head on weekends. 

Bring the kids and get ready for a new experience! Have a lot of interactive playtime fun at the PlayLab at Robinsons Galleria Cebu.

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