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Modern Geisha Makeup Tutorial for Ever Bilena Makeup Challenge 2

Happy New Year my loves, how are you? I'm kind of busy lately and sorry for the late greetings. This will be my first post of the year I guess hahahaha!!!! well lately I joined one of the Makeup Contest here in the Philippines and it's all about different looks there's a different category every week and this weeks theme is a Geisha Makeup Tutorial and this is my entry. If you have time, I would need your support in this endeavor of mine, you can simply like the video, share to your friends and loved ones and keep the ball rolling.

I was inspired to make a little twist on the look and make it look a little bit futuristic, adding some glitters ad as you know I have a big forehead, so there must be something in there so I added more color. below will be the list of products I used during the tutorial.

EB Moisturizing Cream
EB Two Way Cake MATTE (White Ivory)
EB Concealer Stick (medium)
EB Eyeshadow Palette in PINK
EB Eyeshadow RainbowBlaze
EB Thick Lash Mascara
EB Colour Pencil (pure white)
EB Kleopatra Brown Pencil
EB False Eye Lashes (Diva)
EB False Eye Lashes (Francine)
EB Liquid Lipstick (Thalia)
EB Liquid Lipstick (Serena)
EB Lip Pencil Germany
EB Paddle Brush
EB Lip Liner Brush
EB Dip Liner
EB BRUSH #17198
EB Beauty Sponge
Black Water Hair Gel Soft

I would really appreciate if you could vote for me, by liking and sharing video. Thank you so much. I'm planning to have a video of getting unready with me video on my youtube channel. By the way, you can check m my Youtube channel for more makeup tutorials. Have a prosperous New Year everyone and I hope that you find this post helpful

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