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Skin Health Care Talks with Philippine Dermatological Society

Peace to all!!!! Hello my loves how are you? it's been a while since my latest post. I've been wanting to share this with you but I think this is the most favorable time because in celebration of Women's Month. We as Women must take care of our skin, we must be beautiful inside and out, today I'll be sharing to you different talks from different remarkable women from Philippine Dermatological Society, theyshared so much information to help us realizes and take good care of our skin.

According to Dr. Marilou Ong, president of Philippine Dermatological Society- Southern Philippines Chapter it is best to see Doctors who are truly certified and members of Philippine Dermatological Society to make sure that we are in good hands, there are so many issues regarding glutathione drip that is circulating nowadays, she talks how fatal it is during the Skin fair held at Robinsons Galleria (Skin Health and Eczema Congress). I've made a video out of the congress you should watch it as well, to hear it directly from them. 

In the said event, there are so many doctors wherein you can have your checkups and they can give you useful advice, there are skincare booths, demos, and different talks 

Dr. Aileen I. Pena - Dumdum, MD, FPDS talks about " How Do We Protect Ourselves from  harmful UV rays, all you need o remember is these things


(Starts automatically at Dr. Aileen Seminar)
must see detailed facts you must know
(02:54 -06:24)

Dr. Malinda Vasquez, Dermatologist, FPDS  talkes about ECZEMA

What is an Eczema?
Eczema is an acute or chronic pruritic inflammation of the epidermis and dermis. In asociation with a personal family history of hay fever, asthma, or atopic dermatitis.   

Stepped Approach to treatment of Eczema
Conservative Theraphy
1. Education-Prevention
2. Use of emollients/moisturizers
3. See a PDS-Board Certified Dermatologist

More detailed facts on this video about Eczema
starts automatically at Dr. Malinda Vasquez Seminar
6:30 - 16:00

Choric Skin Disorder
Flaky Skin doesn't go away with ordinary lotion
Affects any part of the body including scalp and nails.

Is it in the genes?
Genetic Predisposition
Both parents with Psoriasis : Child has 75% risk
One parent with Psoriasis : Child has 15%risk

How Do We Treat Psoriasis
Seek help from certified dermatologist
There is no cure
Healthy diet is important for well being, but there is no link between diet and severity of Psoriasis
Always consult your doctor when taking vitamins and supplements where some maybe of more harm
Topicals, oral meds, and injectables.

According to PDS team their are cetain support group when it comes to Psoriasis
Cebu Flakers

Facts about Psoriasis that everyone must know

Know more about Philippine Dermatological Society

I hope that this information will be a great help to you, thank you so much for dropping by, ofcourse this is the full video of the whole event. 


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