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Doll Makeup Transformation "DOLL MAKEUP TUTORIAL"

Hello my loves, how are you? well if you're going to ask me I'm good, yesterday was Mother's Day, but all I did was work and no one bother's to greet me within my family, hahaha!!!! am I in drama mode? nope, it doesn't affect me at all. I know my kids are still small and my husband is not that type of person with surprises before it upsets me, but what can I do He is not that romantic. I just don't know why I fall in love with him, hahaha!!! He is just a person who will ask if what do you want? then he will do it. Does it sound weird? hahaha!!! people have different styles you know.

Well anyway, I will be sharing with you my latest makeup tutorial. I was inspired to create a Doll Makeup. I prepared my hair first by curling it and proceded with the makeup. There was no specific model for it. I just went to my own feels with the subject on my mind. I made the brows a little bit straight and for the eyes I made it look rounder and added a bunch of lashes on the lower lash line. Trying to make my eyes bigger by adding white to the waterline and extending it downwards and making the pink color as my eye base with pink shimmer on my eyelid. SImple eyeliner, not a winged one, because I want to make it look cute, LOL!!!! 


For my blush I decided to use a contour powder combined with an orange eyeshadow, I love combining the color it turned out super cute on cheeks and nose. Speaking of my nose line don't fret, I intentionally made it super opaque to create an illusion of a high nose just as dolls usually have. You know I'm not gifted with that area, but I love my nose it made me able to breathe and live LOL!!!

For my lips, I used a lip tint on the center of my lips and applied a light pink on the outer part and I did conceal the outer part of my lips to make it appear a little bit small.

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We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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