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The Beautiful Island of Sumilon Blue Waters

Hello my loves how are you? sorry I'm not writing recently, but I have a lot of beauty videos for you I have made a 7 Capital Sins Makeup Series "ANGER" and this is the second video, hope you could watch it and tell me what do you think?

Currently, I'm a part of a group of talented Cebuanos, we have a graphic designer, vlogger/blogger, and podcaster and many more and the group just turned 1 year and I'm so happy because I'm part of it since the beginning. We're still a baby, this group held seminars to help creator to enhance their skills. it's the Cebu Content Creator or #C3. We celebrated our anniversary at Blue Water Resort Sumilon Island. Honestly, that was the first time I visited the place.

We traveled 4 hours going there, some of us took the 3am bus and for me, I took the 5am, but I was super blessed because one of my colleagues offer his car or we did ask a favor to go with him, hahahaha!!!! we just contributed with the fuel and had a blast of laugh trip, karaoke along the ay, It was such an awesome experience a long ride doesn't seem to belong if you're with people who talked and sing a lot, no boring moments. As we arrived at Blue waters Sumilon, we're oriented about the Island, because it's a 20-minute boat ride going to the Island itself,

 I was surprised because in the Island there's a trekking from beginner, moderate and advanced level.
I wasn't expecting the fact. hahaha!!! I thought it's all about swimming and all, but It's a new menu for me. While on the boat going to the island, water was strongly splashing so we were advised to place our things wherein water can't reach it, I was supposed to vlog, but I was not able to do so because I'm afraid my camera will get wet. How I wish to have a go pro though soon. I did make a video but I wasn't able to catch the splashing waves while on the boat, but anyway as we arrived on the island,

we're greeted with a sweet and happy smile, some of our friends who got there super early finished their breakfast already, so to catch up with them I just ate bread and chocolate and speaking of the chocolate, wow it was super good!!!! I wish I could have more but the buffet will close by 10, after eating we were guided on an Island tour,

We did the moderate trekking pace, it's a 30-minute trek and because we always stop along our way because people were mesmerized with the beauty of the sea, skyline, and the landscapes, we were always taking pictures, selfie and some just sit and listen to the waves of the sea.

The trek was super easy to follow because of the flags, Our trek ended 45 minutes instead of 30, hahaha I think it's almost an hour.

Aside from sea and sky view, I came across this Parola I would love to explore even more, but I can't climb on top, I wasn't sure If allowed to climb.

I forgot to mention they had this place for kids as well, to explore kids creativity and what's good is that Physical activities wherein children can play and develop their talents as well

After that, we are super blessed t have a sneak peek with their Villa's WOW, I love the simplicity and it's super private and each villa has a pool, you can also see the sandbar outside which is super tempting to swim. Villas guest has an exclusive access to the sandbar and a place wherein they can relax peacefully beyond the crowd.

and We also visited that place, because our lunch was served there, and it's abudol fight. with lechon, yes LECHON!!!

There are sweet tents or shall I say camping tents on the site and what's interesting is that the tent has an aircon, OMG!!!! it's super cozy inside.

The place is super suited for getaways, team building, honeymoon and I bet it's super cool to celebrate your anniversary in there it's a great spot. 

After the lunch and tour, some of my friends wanted to snorkel and swim whether it's in the pool r sea, by the way, they have an infinity pool as well. I was just relaxing watching my friends enjoy the waves because I prefer to have a peace of mind, watching the skyline enjoying the fresh air and rest. I didn't notice that they finished swimming already I think my nap lasted for an hour, hahaha, the lace was super relaxing that I didn't notice the time. we left the Island at around 4pm because I need to be at home by 8 or 9pm. I left with 4 of my friends bringing the unforgettable experience I had at Blue Waters SUmilon. Some stayed. 
I Highly recommend that you visit this Island with your family or Love ones if you happen to visit Cebu. This place has a lot to offer.  

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