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Happy Brows Offers the Ultimate Grooming Upgrade (Starphil Wax)

Cebu’s newest and grooviest grooming destination, Happy Brows, launches a new campaign
aimed at emphasizing the importance of brows in one’s life. Indeed, your brows can say so
much about you

rough weeks can leave your browns bushy and unkempt, while perfectly done
arches can give people a glimpse of how much importance you put into your looks; it can
also, show how attentive you are to details.
Regardless of the brow shape, you choose (for those of you who still don’t know, this is highly
dependent on your shape’s face, as well as your facial features), they will for better or
worse give the world a good idea of the kind of person you are.
But finding the right person to do your brows is just half the battle. You also need the right tools;
the ones that allow grooming professionals to do their job well. For this purpose, Happy Brows
partnered with Starpil Wax, a leading depilatory brand from Spain.
Considered as one of the world’s leaders in waxing, Starpil Wax also provided Happy Brows
staff the training they need to ensure that every client who walks out of their doors are happy
with their arches.
With Starpil Wax, Happy Brows is able to fulfill their promise of a grooming haven for
everyone—one that gets the job done quickly, as painless as possible, and in a very
professional manner. Visit them today at Ayala Center, Cebu.

Originally from Spain, Starpil Wax is the leading professional depilatory brand in the U.S. and
other parts of Europe. They offer a full range of high quality waxing equipment and guaranteed
safe products that cover prep, waxing proper and post-care. With Starpil Wax, removing
unwanted hair has never been easier. Thorough, clean, quick and painless. This is the Starpil
Wax promise.

I can say that I'm super loving my brows, I visited Happy Brows yesterday for a brow service and look at this perfect arch brows.

Take note that this is my bare brows without any brow products. Perfectly done.

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