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Docs Needed
Brgy. Clearance
Barangay Fence Clearance
City Hall: (Pay Only on the Treasurers Office) secure all the receipts, xerox everything pls!
CTC Certified True Copy of Tax Dec.(City Accessor Office)
Vicinity Map (City Accessor Office)
Tax Clearance 
CTC Register of Deeds (3 DAYS processing)
Land Blue Print
Proposed Perimeter Fence Blue Print (Drawn by Engr.)Prof fee needed
Structural Plan(Drawn by Engr.) diff Prof fee needed
Notarized Form For Zoning Department.
Bill of Materials
be guided with each checklist of each department

1. OBO Department for the Proposed Perimeter Fence Drawing
Structural Plan.
2. Zoning Department 
Secure all the Docs listed on their checklist from the zoning department
Notarized form follow the instructions 
(Don't Worry every detail will be there don't be afraid to ask around, I was so blessed because during the process the Gov. staff were super accommodating to answer my questions) Kahit super Kulit ako! Thank you Kudos to all Lapu Lapu City Hall Staff.
Xerox all docs pls. including the receipts.
- After complying every docs, zoning surveyor will inspect the fence. Be early so that you could be with them, they will leave exactly 9am to inspect the place.
Wait on their remarks and comply if there are any lacking docs.
Wait for 3 the evaluation process for 3 days, but it's good to wait for 1 week.
During the releasing of Zoning Clearance, you will be asked to leave all the original docs on them, pls Do not leave the Original Bill of Materials because it will be needed on the next step again xerox everything.
3. OBO department
Prepare your Zoning Clearance
5 copies of Structural Plan, Proposed perimeter Fence and Original Bill of Materials & Specification of Fence. (With Printed name & Signature of Owner)
You will be given another checklist from OBO department to comply, follow those steps.
You need to get the signatures of diff. heads of these offices
Line and Grade
After you will be directed to a diff. table wherein all the computation will be done. You will be given a certain amount to pay at the treasurer's office.
Pass it to the City Engineers office. Wat for 3 days evaluation.
After this process, pls again xerox everything.
4.Fire Department near Hoopsdoome
They will ask xerox copy of certain docs, 
There will be fees so make sure you will have Xerox as well for that.
You will be advised to wait for 3 days because there will be another evaluation process for the fire department. Upon getting the clearance pls bring an authorization letter and the ID of the owner, if you're not the registered owner
5. Go back to the OBO department if you have the Fire Department Clearance.
Every paper will be checked, and you will be asked to make a tarpaulin 4x4 ft. with info about the fence permit. You need to hang it in the fence perimeter, take a picture and have it printed and pass it to the OBO department as prof. 

Then you're done.
A loving reminder
Xerox, Xerox, Xerox everything!!!!
Pay at the treasurer's office with receipt. 
Engr. Prof fee is excluded, you need to pay for the blue print.
Always be polite in asking questions and BE PATIENT!!!!

I would like to thank all the Lapu Lapu City hall staff for being so helpful especially to the OBO department. Thankyou

Hope this will help in a little way, Godbless
Happy Processing


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