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MOPSAI Pushes for Relevance and Impact within the Next Two School Years with New Set of Officers

The Mandaue Organization of Private School Administrators, Inc. (MOPSAI) will be busy in the next two years as its new set of officers formally took their oaths of office.

Leading the group is the dynamic President of the Children's Paradise Montessori School (CPMS), Ms. Marivic Bathan.

“My team of officers are one in making sure that the next two years will be exciting and enriching for all member-schools and its stakeholders through the programs and activities we will organize,” she shared.

The new set of MOPSAI officers had their induction and turnover ceremonies last October 9, 2019 with Dr. Leah Noveras, Department of Education (DepEd) Mandaue City Schools Division Superintendent, as their inducting officer.

The activity was attended by MOPSAI member-schools as well as district supervisors of DepEd-Mandaue City.

In her speech following the induction ceremony, Dr. Noveras expressed her gratitude to MOPSAI whom she described as DepEd's partner.

“You are our partners. The Department, being constitutionally mandated to provide quality basic education to Filipino people, will be overburdened without you, our partners,” she said.

Dr. Noveras, who used to be assigned in Talisay City prior to her assignment in Mandaue City, said that the cooperation of DepEd and private schools is crucial.

This is why, she said she immediately wanted to meet with representatives form private schools in Mandaue to ask for their support and cooperation.

Dr. Noveras assured that DepEd Mandaue City will also be on deck to assist private schools with their respective concerns.

“I want all of us to communicate at the same page. We have issued a memo on redistricting. We are distributing the public schools in ten districts, that also includes private schools; so district supervisors can help you on issues and concerns that Deped can help you with,” she added.

There are a total of 56 private schools providing basic education within Mandaue City.


Right after the induction and turnover ceremony, the MOPSAI officers immediately rolled their sleeves and got to work as they conducted a mini strategic planning for the next two schools years of their term.

Among their initial plans is to hold a one-of-a-kind team building with Fr. Loreto Jaque who will facilitate a Biodanza (Dance of Life) workshop among private school administrators focusing on “Re-ensouling Education, Reviving the Soul in Learning,” on November 16, 2019.

In terms of programs, MOPSAI also plans to increase awareness on and empower more school employees, teachers, and students to deal with mental health issues; and also to provide training for teachers and even parents on understanding children with different special needs and acquire effective strategies and skills in dealing with their behavior and learning needs.

Meanwhile, MOPSAI will also be holding a purpose-vision-mission workshop and draft the organization's purpose, vision, mission, core values, and goals. This workshop will set clear, short, and long term directions for the organization among its current officers, past officers, and some members of the organization.

“As MOPSAI President, all I ask for the members is their presence and involvement. It is their availability more than their ability. Anyone who shows up definitely has something to contribute. By showing up, he/she has already given his/her time. That is a good start,” Ms. Bathan said.

She admitted that over the past years, attendance of MOPSAI members in events has been dwindling. In order to address this, the organization wants fun and productive activities.

More quality, varied, interesting and relevant programs for administrators, teachers, students, and even parents are also being planned to make sure that MOPSAI members continue to get involved.

“We make sure that the time of members is well-spent every time they join a MOPSAI meeting or activity. It will always be fun and enriching. Once members experience this more consistently, they wouldn't want to miss any of the MOPSAI events. Hopefully, they would engage more and realize the benefits of being part of the MOPSAI family,” Ms. Bathan added.

Aside from Ms. Bathan, the new set of MOPSAI officers include Vice President Dr. Eudes Dayanan (Trade-Tech International Science Institute), Secretary Dr. Philadelfa Vistal (University of the Visayas, Inc.), Treasurer Dr. Maria Alma Flores (St. Joseph's Academy), Auditor Pastor Paul Mongas, Jr. (Assembly of God Christian School), and Mass Media Officers Berlita Cruz (Canduman Christian Academy, Inc.) and Jerome Tago (Center for Healthcare Professionals, Cebu, Inc.).

 (From right to left: Dr. Leah Noveras, Inducting Officer & MOPSAI Officers for 2 school years 2019 to 2021-President Ms. Marivic Bathan of Children’s Paradise Montessori School, Vice-Pres. Dr. Eudes Dayanan of Trade-Tech International Science Institure, Secretary Dr. Philadelfa Vestal of the University of the Visayas Inc., Treasurer Dr. Maria Alma Flores of St. Joseph’s Academy, Auditor Pastor Paul Mongas, Jr. of Assembly of God Christian School, MMOs (Mass Media Officers) Ms. Berlita Cruz of Canduman Christian Academy Inc. and Mr. Jerome Tago of Center for Healthcare Professionals, Cebu, Inc.)

(MOPSAI President Marivic Bathan welcomes all the DepEd Officials and members and opens the event expressing her gratitude to this organization that has become family to her and many.)

 (Dr. Leah P. Noveras, Mandaue Schools Division Superintendent, giving an inspirational message to all MOPSAI officers and members and assuring them of her full support)

 (Dr. Leah P. Noveras (Center), Mandaue Schools Division Superintendent and Inducting Officer, poses with the MOPSAI Officers)

 (Dr. Leah P. Noveras (Center), Mandaue Schools Division Superintendent and Inducting Officer, poses with the MOPSAI Officers)

(Dr. Leah P. Noveras (Center), Mandaue Schools Division Superintendent and Inducting Officer, poses with the MOPSAI Officers

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