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PlayLab Digital Playground at Robinsons Galleria Cebu

PlayLab Digital Playground at Robinsons Galleria Cebu

PlayLab is a new breed of playground developed primarily for kids 2-12 years of age.  It is a permanent, indoor, interactive, digital playground that offers both physical and technology-based playing aids.  This facility offers Cebuano families a new, unique bonding destination that is safe, wholesome, fun, and photogenic!
This digital hub enthuses kids to move, create, and interact with playground peers (parents and other kids) to increase the fun and learning. Their shared experiences become their own definition of technology-aided/ enhanced playground FUN!
There are fifteen (15) attractions not just create moments but also promote discovery, awareness and confirmation for the kids as they accomplish digital missions or creations.
1. Tap ‘n Glow: “Create unique color and rhythm combination through touch-sensitive light modules, and watch your work illuminate the space.”

2. Quantum Space: “Create abstract art through movements, interaction and boundless imagination. Become part of an infinite cosmos, even for a fleeting moment.”

3. Tangram: “Fly through time and space with your very own, virtual rocket ship!”
4. Save the Reef:  “Help save Mother Nature by protecting our precious reef from pesky and harmful trash!”

5. Body Paint: “Make your own virtual abstract painting by waving your hands. Be created on your virtual painting by doing bigger hand movements and play with the random splash of colors.

6. Gravity Ball: “These virtual balls in different sizes fall from above when you move. Try to catch or kick the ball on the ground and they will react accordingly. The more movements you make, the more balls that will fall. It’s like being in a shower of virtual ball pit!”
7. Butterfly Garden: “Watch as your creations take flight in a visually-stunning world full of butterflies!”

8. World of Zodiacs: “Become one of the Zodiacs in this cool augmented-reality mirror that will surely delight and excite you!”
9. Sand Box: “Dig through the sand and explore the hidden wonders of the Earth through augmented reality!” 

10. Net Play:  “Explore a colorful gigantic honeycomb like structure and climb on. Find your way up and discover the wonders on top.”

11. Light Brite:  “Unleash your inner artist and create your very own light installation!”

12. Poppin’ Pond: “Be one with nature as you slip and slide down the pond of fun!”
13. LED Swings: “Experience innovation with the lighted swing.

14. Fantasy Waterflow :
“Discover the fun when playing  with water! Guide the water using pails, waterwheel, umbrellas or your own finger and see how the water splashes and flows around!”

15. Live Forest:  “Help fill the forest with animals straight from the drawing board and to the screen!”

Operating hours: 10am-9pm daily
Entrance Fees:
Weekday (Monday to Friday): P200 per head for 2 hours, P100 for every succeeding hour or a fraction thereof
Weekend (Saturday and Sunday): P250 per head for 2 hours, P100 for every succeeding hour or a fraction thereof

PlayLab is also open to school tours and group tours and tied up with Gerry's Grill and Pancake House as their food providers.
Eligible to play:
Children 6 years old and above (without a guardian)
Children below 6 years should be accompanied by a guardian

Contact number
Contact no. (032) 232-7538 / 0998-5852311

Here's our fun experience 

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