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Work + Study + Play at Bluewater Resorts

To the Filipino family, the coronavirus pandemic presented a whole new level of challenges as we all try to keep our sense of normalcy and sanity intact. Its effects are apparent with the way we conduct work and school activities as most of us are now cooped up at home with online office work while the kids keep themselves busy distance learning activities. All these are happening while we all have been stuck in our houses especially the kids for more than half a year now. Mental health is now becoming an issue, more so with what used to be mundane like a stable internet connection, the neighbors’ barking dogs, and the usual power interruption has now taken a whole new level of importance as we struggle to make a sense out of the new normal.

Recognizing these challenges, Bluewater Resorts is rolling out its WORK + STUDY + PLAY campaign. A program that makes use of existing resort infrastructure and facilities to help our loyal guests address and adjust to their current stations. 

Coming at the heels of a very successful Work From Bluewater promo which allowed working professionals access to the resorts robust IT infrastructure hence the tagline "No Wi-Fi, No Problem". Bluewater's internet connection can handle multiple online meeting connections without any loss of network quality or speed. Using leased lines coming from multiple service providers, our internet service can deliver consistent and reliable internet connection even if one service provider conducts routine maintenance on their system. In the past months, the resort has seen young professionals conducting their work activities inside the resort, it is heart-warming to see several educators conducting their classes using our facilities. Our rooms are also equipped with long tables that are just perfect for the kids to conduct their classes or for mom and dad to hold their meetings or do their reports. We have prepared for this situation as the entire country went into lockdown.

The onset of the rainy season or monsoon weather has also brought about power interruptions in the Metro and surrounding community. Bluewater Resort can offset these with its standby generators ready to deliver uninterrupted power supply to guests who will avail of its WORK + STUDY + PLAY offer, no more fears not being able to attend an important meeting or miss written work and synchronous sessions for the kids. The wide-open spaces of the resort also offer nooks for those who want to work or study in relative silence. No dogs, no carpenters hammering, no loud videoke singers or noises that are the bane of our online commuting activities at home.

To top it all off, the opportunity to just close your laptop and take a few steps for a refreshing dip in the pool or a stroll on the beach with the kids after they are done with school is readily available. Imagine being able to mix work and leisure for both parents and kids, no more waiting for the weekend or holidays. Just book a room or a day pass and guests can already make use of the resort facilities after the day's work is done. It allows the family to make use of their extra time to bond and create more meaningful experiences while they are staying with us.

Bluewater Resorts’ WORK + STUDY + PLAY offers several options to make this happen whether it's just for a day's access to use the facilities or in-house stay. Guests who want to stay at the resort can request rooms dedicated to the WORK + STUDY + PLAY and the reservations or the lobby personnel will ensure that they are given these special rooms complete with study tables and other amenities put especially for them to work, study and play.

For more details on WORK + STUDY + PLAY at Bluewater Resorts, you may call us at (+6332) 402 4100 or email us at

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Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort is a proud member of the Bluewater Resorts group, a wholly Filipino-owned chain of resorts showcasing the best of Filipino culture with its Cebuano unique approach to hospitality—amuma with excellence. The resort sprawls approximately 7 hectares (including the Bluewater private island) that houses 190 well-appointed guest rooms, 5 restaurants, 3 swimming pools and a spa.

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  1. Hi, Cyka. Where can we get info on rates and arrangements regarding food/meals? Do they have a sort of pantry or will outside food be allowed? -Bejay

  2. You can call them directly po here: Bluewater Resorts, (+6332) 402 4100 or email at

    web at or visit us on Facebook at


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