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Island Souvenirs at The Great Cebu Sale 2020

Don't miss 'THE GREAT CEBU SALE 2020' until October 31, 2020. Fill your cart with these feel good tees on sale!!!

Got these cool shirts from #islandssouvenirs 😎😎😎 

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For Metro Cebu, order now!

Visit any of Islands Souvenirs stores in Cebu for more product offers.

✅SM City Cebu  

✅SM Seaside City Cebu @smseasidecitycebu

✅Mactan Marina Mall

✅Magallanes across Magellans Cross

✅Mactan Airport T1 Check In

✅Mactan Airport T1 Pre Departure

Get the best deals and promos in town from the virtual sale event of the year, the 2020 Great Cebu Sale.

Get as much as 50% discounts from your favorite merchants and secure those cost-saving deals be it an overnight stay at your favorite resort/hotel, latest finds at your favorite fashion store, cravings at your go-to restaurants.

So, you need to take advantage of this sale event. Don’t miss to visit GCS official website,, to check out all the participating merchants.

Online shopping is made so easy with reliable delivery services like Lalamove. 

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