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Looking for a long-term shelter stay in a 5-star resort? Plantation Bay Resort and Spa is the place to live simply because it has the high-quality residential feels! During this pandemic, this resort is a luxurious choice to stay as a quite escape from the lockdown.

Some fancy resorts offer high rates to well-to-do pandemic refugees, but, Plantation Bay charges much less while giving you the comfort of stay. Living in a condo or house you have many things to arrange, plants need pruning, pipes leak, servants leave, dozens of bills need to be paid, etc. But, with Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, you just have to think of Simplicity, One Bill, leave your worries and details to someone else and Relax. This Resort offers to ideal Filipino-Americans and other nationalities planning to retire to the Philippines as a year-round or seasonal residence, or as temporary place while evaluating where in the country they want to settle. 

Your own private estate has 20 acres, 4 swimming pools, 4 salt water lagoons, tennis courts, climbing walls, archery, lending library, private spa therapists, scuba and marine sports facilities and four outstanding restaurants with high-end Mediterranean, Asian Seafoods, International and Filipino Comfort Foods.
Fantastic and relaxing plantation ambiance, mature tree shades and sandy beach areas, extensive level grounds perfect for early morning stroll and biking, these are just few of the activities that you can experience while living in the resort. Their courteous and well-trained staff are always available to make your stay convenient. 

What are you waiting for? Liberate yourself! Come and Live High for less than the cost of living Average only at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa! Where everything about luxury and comfort is at its best.

So if you are looking for a good way to shelter in place for 2021, you may get in touch or visit for more details. 

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