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Dig in with Parklane's Fresh Drops

 Before the year is over, we're so thrilled to introduce our new line of fresh drops!

Cebu Parklane International Hotel hosted a Media Soiree last September 8 launching fresh drops of promotions and activities for the remainder of the year as well as for 2023. The new Boodle Series was launched on the same day which we all partook with media and influencer friends.

A selection of imaginative dishes that reflect Cebu's rich cultural heritage are included in the latest release. The new release features a collection of creative dishes made possible by Executive Chef Clifford Lee and his team.

New Offerings in Kan-anan:

Kan-anan Restaurant, known for its extensive menu and authentic dishes, presented its new additions. Our fresh offerings consist of:

Boodle Series

Cebuano Boodle (Php 3,500.00) – This is a Cebuano dish that is served with Fish Tinola, Bolinao Fried Rice, Kinilaw na Tanigue, Ensaladang Guso, Boiled Vegetables and Saba with Ginamos, Bam-i, Grilled Scallops, Butter Garlic Shrimp, Grilled Pork Belly, Grilled Chicken Inasal, and three kinds of fresh fruits. 

Chef’s Special Boodle (Php 3,500.00) – Our chef's Ilocano heritage inspired Insarab boodle, which features a delicious combination of traditional Ilocano dishes: Inalseman Manok, Ilocano Fried Rice, Pork Dinakdakan, Ensaladang Tortang Talong, Boiled Vegetables and Saba with Ginamos, Batil Patong, Daing na Bangus, Pork Bagnet, Grilled Chicken, Binartek nga Pasayan, and three kinds of fresh fruits.

Seafood Boodle (Php 3,700.00) – This contains fresh seafood such as Fish Nilarang, Kinilaw na Tanigue, Ensaladang Guso, Grilled Scallops, Butter Garlic Shrimp, Grilled Squid, and Grilled Tinupig na Bangus. It is also served with Bolinao Fried Rice, Boiled Vegetables, Saba with Ginamos, Bam-i, and three kinds of fresh fruits.

Parklane Boodle (Php 6,200.00) – A popular variety! This includes Caldo sa Imbaw, Bolinao Fried Rice, Ngohiong Rolls, Lumpiang Shanghai, Kinilaw sa Sugbo, Ensaladang Alugbati at Kamote, Boiled Vegetables and Saba with Ginamos, Bam-i, Grilled Scallops, Butter Garlic Crabs and Shrimp, Grilled Squid, Daing na Bangus, Crispy Pata, Grilled Chicken Inasal, and three kinds of fresh fruits.


Additionally, the restaurant offers new brick oven pizza flavors, such as Sisig Pizza, Garlic and Chorizo, Danggit and Blue, and Mango Tablea ­--- a crowd favorite! Pizza is the new kid on the block in Kan-anan, and it is here to stay. All flavors at Php 520.00 

Burnt Cheesecake

We've got burnt cheesecake in two different sizes: one that's ready to serve and one that's ready to share. The small size (3 inches for Php 260.00)  is an easy single-serving treat that you can enjoy on your own or with family and friends. If you're looking for something more substantial, the large size (6 inches for Php 770.00) is perfect for sharing at your next holiday party.

We have so many exciting events planned that we can barely contain ourselves. Here's what we've got in store:


We're excited to announce that we have a lot of great events coming your way before the end of the year!

And don't forget: we've got something major to look forward to in 2023. Here's what we've got planned:

1.      Octoberfest - Beer and Pizza fest in Kan-anan

2.       Halloween

3.       Christmas Belen Lighting - December 1

4.       Christmas Caroling at the Lobby - December 16-25

5.       2023 New Year's Countdown - December 31 dinner and January 1 dinner

6.       Sinulog: Budayang Sugbuanon

7.       Hunat Sugbo X: June 2023

8.       Sangka sa Kaha

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We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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