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The first community-led socialized housing project in Carcar City mobilized by

Kalambuan sa Dakbayan (KD) Foundation, Inc. will benefit ninety-five families of

informal settlers located on a 6,000 sqm property in Barangay Ocaña, now called

Panaghiusa Village. Construction formally kicked off with a groundbreaking ceremony

on November 24, 2022, Thursday.

"The entire 6,000 sqm lot could have been developed for commercial purposes. But the

KD Foundation has chosen to align with the commitment of its partners in providing

affordable housing units and well-planned communities for underprivileged Filipinos,"

KD Foundation President Atty. Jose Daluz III shared, mentioning various other

non-housing grassroots projects that the foundation has accomplished.

Under the Community Mortgage Program (CMP) turn-key modality of the Social

Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC), which is particularly created for informal settlers,

beneficiaries will enjoy community ownership of Panaghiusa Village. The land title will

be transferred to the Sun Communities 1 Homeowners Association, Inc. once the social

housing project is completed, in preparation for property deed transfer to beneficiary


Each family beneficiary will be turned over with a 32 sqm two-story rowhouse unit, in

compliance with the standards of Batas Pambansa (BP) Blg. 220 on the development of

economic and socialized housing projects. In the last quarter of 2023, the first 30 units

will be turned over to identified beneficiaries, with the next 30 units following in 2024

and the remaining 35 units in 2025. Total mortgage payment per family amounts to

580,000 pesos, with a ten-year graduated amortization schedule and a 2% interest rate

payable up to 35 years.

Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor (PCUP) Area Coordinator Argelito Guiritan

said that when informal settlers are left unaided by social housing programs, their

immediate future is faced with two options: whether they like it or not, the time will come

for landowners to use their property, leading to demolition; or they will be asked to

purchase land beyond their financial capacity.

This is why, for their part, PCUP has been pushing for the accreditation of identified

informal settler homeowner associations, as part of their social preparation and

transition to socialized housing. PCUP is also mandated to encourage developers to

participate in socialized housing projects.

"It's just a matter of empowering the people. Tungod kay ang ilang problema ang ilang

pagpuyo, among giintroduce ang SHFC, ug among giistorya ang Department of Human

Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD)," Guiritan said, highlighting steps they

have taken together with KD Foundation and government agencies to capacitate

beneficiaries of the upcoming Panaghiusa Village. He added that because it is a

community-driven project, capacity-building trainings and interventions are expected to

sustain the community.

PCUP Commissioner Paolo Guanco reinforced this commitment to providing livelihood

programs and opportunities in the area and congratulated the 95 family beneficiaries

present during the groundbreaking ceremony.

These named beneficiaries of Panaghiusa Village are now formally recognized by the

Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) as the Sun

Communities 1 Homeowners Association, Inc., in compliance with the DHSUD mandate

for all homeowner associations to be duly registered. They now have the legal capacity

to enter into contracts with government and non-government agencies.

"On behalf of Sun Communities 1 Homeowners Association, Inc., mangayo kamig dako

kaayong pasalamat kaninyo nga diin anaa kamo nigiya, nitabang kanamo aron

pagbarug sa among gipangandoy nga diin kami makakoan og panimalay," Association

President John Roy Ardon addressed the developer and cocnerned agencies,

expressing their gratitude for bringing to life a solution to their housing needs.

To streamline further socialized housing projects in Carcar, city mayor Mario Patricio

Barcenas announced that an office at the second floor of their city hall will be formally established to the urban poor

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