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MILO® energizes kids nationwide to go from couch to court with MILO® Active Pilipinas launch

 MILO energizes kids nationwide to go from couch to court with

MILO Active Pilipinas launch

After years of restrictions and limitations, kids nationwide will now have access to MILO® sports

programs to jumpstart their Champion journeys.

For 59 years, leading breakfast drink kids love

MILO® Philippines has been nourishing Filipino kids with energy-giving nutrients and the well-

loved chocomaltee taste that help them live an active lifestyle. Because with a sports-driven

active lifestyle, kids not only reap physical benefits but take lifelong learnings and skills too.

They take home new values such as perseverance, discipline, and grit which sets them up for

success in all aspects of life.

However, as the country faced pandemic-related restrictions in the past few years, the

opportunities for physical activity were also restricted or limited; leaving kids at home and glued

to their couches. As steps turned into screen time and physical activity moved online, 84% of

Filipino adolescents were shown to be insufficiently active doing less than 60 minutes of

moderate to vigorous physical activity per day.

Bringing out the champion in the Filipino youth through the MILO Sports Programs

Because MILO® believes in the power of sports and an active lifestyle, the brand challenged

Filipino kids from couch to court with the launch of MILO® Active Pilipinas, inviting kids

nationwide to live an active lifestyle whether at home or in school. All year-long, kids will have

access to MILO® sports programs that were designed to help them unlock the champion within

● MILO® Sports Clinics - Now in its 38th year, the annual MILO Sports Clinics will

continue to teach kids the basics of sports like basketball, taekwondo, swimming, and

tennis, among others while instilling discipline, confidence, and teamwork.

● MILO® Marathon - After 3 years on halt, the biggest running event in the

country is set to return this March 2023. This national event brings together

people to get back into sports and help build tomorrow’s champions.

● MILO® Champ Camp - Co-created with the Department of Education (DepEd), the

MILO Champ Camp is a nationwide school tour that teaches students the basics of

sports without disrupting their classes, since parents also play a role as we teach them

proper nutrition. This is one of the widespread efforts to help improve the physical

literacy of kids because we believe that active kids are better learners.

● MILO® Home Court - A digital portal launched in partnership with the Philippine

Olympic Committee (POC) and the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) during the

pandemic, MILO Home Court will continue to help kids pursue sports even at home by

providing video tutorials and online sports classes.

● MILO® Barangay Liga - The much-awaited grassroots basketball tournament will

launch in March this year, inviting more than future champions from barangays

nationwide to work with their teams in showcasing their skills on the court. Participating

moms from the 2022 Barangay Liga share how it helps their kids lessen screen time to

make them more active and healthy while learning values such as discipline and social


“Now, more than ever, we see the importance of energizing kids and bringing back active

lifestyles through the variety of MILO sports programs that will be made available nationwide.

Through these opportunities, we aim to build the champions of tomorrow and instill values

learned through sports for future success in life,” said Carlo Sampan, Head of MILO Sports.

MILO® Active Pilipinas will officially launch on January 28 through a live-streamed event on the

official MILO Facebook page. Stay tuned on January 28 (Saturday) from 3-5 PM for the full

rundown of the programs.

Start your Champion journey through MILO Active Pilipinas and share your experience on social

media with the hashtag #MILOActivePilipinas

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