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CATISS revolutionizes beauty with a feline twist, now PH

Inspired by the founders’ cherished adopted cat, "BaoBao", who gently brushes away affectionate kisses with her soft paw, CATISS marries daily-use beauty care with the charm of feline companionship. It is from this unique intersection of love for cats and cosmetics that the brand's name was born - a delightful amalgamation of Cat and Kiss — CATISS.


Reflecting on the brand's journey and its arrival in the Philippines, Trysha shared some insights during the product launch.


"My partner Yvonne and a common friend of hers who knows the owners of CATISS Taiwan asked us to bring the brand here in the Philippines, especially to all cat lovers or to anyone who likes it. We are pet lovers and we admire this idea. And as we learned more about the product, we were convinced to bring it to our hometown Cebu."


The exciting lineup includes a variety of products designed to cater to everyone's beauty needs: face serums, sheet masks, vegan lip balms, lipsticks, and hand creams. CATISS products, enclosed in sustainable, replaceable containers, not only prioritize beauty but also environmental responsibility.


“We care about the environment. We use eco-friendly materials for product tooling and our package is recyclable. By cutting down our plastic consumption, we hope to reduce our carbon footprint and be friendlier to the environment,” Trysha stressed.


CATISS’ firm social responsibility values go beyond environment conservation and protection. The brand stands against animal testing methods and dedicates itself to raising awareness about abandoned cats and pets, to contribute to the pet community.


As a beacon of confidence and independence, CATISS encourages individuals to embrace their authentic selves. "We hope to help individuals in confidence building and being true, cute, confident, and independent just as them lovely cats," concluded Bautista.


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