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Simple Make up for Ordinary Days

I can’t say I love make up, what I love is the doing part, I love to apply make up on special occasions, especially on weddings. I was able to handle a beauty pageant candidate pretty much having fun on combining on different colors, matching it, enhancing the beauty already there. Every women is beautifully made by God, true beauty is in the inside, it simply radiates outside, more so if a women have a calm and gentle disposition, and for the make up side, all you have to do is, I’m going to say it again ENHANCE, embrace, and by using the right amount , right color, right tools, it could be powerfully amazing. So take a glace with me, on my ideas on this area, here we go
But of course, start by your skin care, beauty regimen!

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Now back to my Topic

I have so many style to share, but for now, I’m going to show you, how I put make up on ordinary days, on this blog I used Christian Dior travel palette

I used the # 1 eye shadow on the picture as my base, I apply it all over my lid until the brow bone are, and under the lower lash line.
I used the # 2 eye shadow on my eye lid.
I used the # 3 eye shadow on my crease until half of my eye lid
And lastly I used # 4 eye shadow which is the darkest among all, at the crease, make sure to blend it well to avoid lines to be seen. Blend in circular motion.
When it comes in applying blush on your cheek, I simply smile, and apply it on my check bones until the hair line, the secret is just blend the colors well, again as I say to avoid make up lines.
The lipstick has a nude and dark color, it’s so nourishing onto the lips, it prevents your lips from cracking.

I always put a simple nose line, because as you can see my nose is a little bit big, hahahaha!!!!! But I love it, it helps me breath, praise God for that, I used a small amount of the darkest color, the brown one, for my nose line. 

Check all of these pictures! simple

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The secret is to Blend! Blend! Blend! 

I just want to leave to you a picture of mine on my wedding day! Simply done by yours truly!

On my wedding day, I personally did my own make up and the make up of all my entourage, Why Am I sharing this?
I just want to inspire women out there to do it with your own, Don't be afraid to try and try until you will discover the right techniques and style suited for you! and when you do, try to venture another style until you will be confident to do it! Being confident and doing what you love is a big factor!

Go girl!

Ill keep you posted more on my make up inspiration

So what's your story?

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