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Simple Makeup for ordinary days ( a touch of orange)

No dark color on eye crease, just a simple base eye shadow, and gel liner

On my brow I used my all time favorite, Nichido Brown color

I used Honey glitter from Fanny Serrano Cosmetics
Spread the color from your lid until the brow bone area
I love this product because, first  the packaging is quite impressive, the color is one of my favorite, it last almost 8 hours, without a retouch. As I applied it on my eye area it feels smooth and not that glittery at all, I love the result.

For my eye liner
I used the Fanny Serano Gel Liner
Color Brown

Loved on this product, Again the packaging, then the consistency of the gel, I did not enjoy using the brush included on this kit, it makes my application slight messy, can't apply it more precise because of the brush, I'll buy separate brush for this gel liner.

I did use a little bronzer for my nose line, under my cheek bones and under my jaw line

So that's it for now......
Till my next post, I'll have tutorial on how to use gel liner and liquid eye liner, how to apply it easily.

Thanks and Godbless

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample own all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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