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BB cream from Atomy

BB Cream are very well known as Blemish Balm, and it helps our skin a lot, it serves as moisturizing cream, sunscreen protection and many more benefits we can get out of it, so is this really true?
Well when I found this BB cream, I have a doubt in my mind because it’s color is not really for me, I judge immediately, but anyway I just tried, I swapped a sample on my wrist, and have a second thought. Should I buy or not?, eventually I did.

It turned out to be a great help, why? Because this BB cream is so great on my skin, it doesn’t cause breakouts, specially when I forgot to wash it out in the evening, no pimples, no skin problems, but hey I’m not saying you will do that as well, not washing your face before sleeping, it just happen that I forgot, because while taking care of my little baby I slept over it, co'z I’m so tired of work, but so much for that I still recommend washing your face before going to bed, it’s for your own good. Now back to my topic, yes it’s really amazing because that's really one of my problem when I slept out with my make up on, definitely pimples and acne problems appear on my face, but this time, none!!!!!!!!!,

Then especially when your on a travel, when you wipe sweat on your face, there's no stain produced at all, the product  really penetrate on your skin immediately after applying it, and I did a research as well on the product specifications and what are the things I can get out of it, this information is from their website:

01.   It has an SPF 30
02.   It can Nourish your skin
03.   It serves as vitamins on your skin
04.   It is a double functional product for whitening and UV screening actions
05.   Protects skin from harmful external elements
06.   Keeps the skin clean and clear
07.   And it is Organic
08.   It is made in Korea
09. It's ingredients are properly selected and analyzed 

So it's up to you to judge then, but for me, I like the product so much.
would I purchase again, it's a big  YES!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for staying with me, till my next post.
    Godless us all

   We will triumph with the help of God who will trample own all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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