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Human Nature Balancing Face Toner and Bug Shield

Just an Ordinary day, I was about to meet a friend, then suddenly a message was sent to me that our schedule will be cancelled, well almost there at the meeting place, so I decided to stop, then I came across the Human Nature store.

I've heard about Human Nature because my friend told me that their insect repellant is good, so, I was thinking to give it a try since  was looking for an insect repellant lotion for my kids. 

What I like on this product is, it is 100% natural, it doesn't leave a sticky feel after applying it, I'm still using it until now, I recommend this insect repellant for moms out there who would like to use natural products for their child, because it doesn't have harmful chemicals, probably I'll purchase again.

While roaming around on their store, to my surprise they also offers a wide range of products, shampoo, lotion, hair treatment, and many more, they even have a skincare products. I spotted on this toner which is shown on the picture below, I remembered my toner is running out which Gluta-C, the one I'm using on my Skin Care blog post. Without hesitation I bought 1pc. just to try it out because it's also made from a natural ingredients, so far it's good, I like the refreshing feel after applying it, but I think it's not really for me, I will probably go back to my old toner then.

Till my next post Godbless us all

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample own all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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