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Another Makeup Gig

Hello everyone! blessings to all of us, I hope you have a fruitful day, I'm very happy and blessed to share these awesome people from UK, my latest clients last October 22, 2015, because I attended my friends wedding Chris and Jen, what an awesome couple. They also requested me to teach their first dance, and I'm happy co'z it turns out victorious, we practice abut 3 hours 2 days before the wedding and 15 minutes together with all the cast 15 minutes on the wedding day itself, hahaha!!! but everything went well, so going back with my clients  they are the family of the groom.  I have taken pictures.

         Sorry I wasn't able to take the before picture, instead I have the hairstyle and the Final look.

I don't know what to do with her hair and praise God it ended up like this, tell me in the comment section below if you like the hairstyle.

                                     Before                                                                 After

 So her hair is too short, so I decided to curl it a little and and simple up do. 
They are all beautiful already, so what I did is just a little enhancement.  By the way I used Revlon foundation on both of them, under the shade 240, the one that I mentioned in my previous blog.

I'm making a separate post for it, so keep posted, let me know if you like the look and the hairstyle. Thank you and Godbless,

  Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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