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Beauty Haul 002

Hi everyone, another beautiful, blissful day and new discoveries.
How are you doing lately? well for me, it's been a busy week lately,  but I'm here again, I'll be sharing to all of you and I'm happy to tell you that next week another blessing is approaching and this products below are my must haves for the said gig, I'm so excited, but anyway as of the moment, here's the picture of the products I purchased lately.

Revlon color stay  240 in Medium Beige (P825.00)
Maybelline Color Ink Beige  color (P379.00)
Maybelline Hypergloss Liquid Liner (P199.00)
Maybelline Rocket Mascara (P399.00)
Everbelina White Liner (P99.00)

To be honest I was really planning to buy Maybelline Fit me Foundation but it is still not available in the Philippines I think, oh sorry you can buy it by the way, online, but on Watsons or Maybelline booth, the product is not available. I hope they will make it available in the Philippines, Ive read a lot of reviews and mostly bloggers and youtubers said, it can really compete the quality and coverage of Mac Studio Fix Foundation, that's why I want to buy one, and I landed on buying Revlon, I will do a separate review on this foundation. Regarding with the Color Ink from Maybelline, the first thing that came in my mind, was I needed a nice base for eyeshadow, so that's why I opted to buy one. I also bought the Hypergloss Liquid Liner because unfortunately the FS pen liner that I have already said goodbye, I just use it for 1 week and a half, it dries up easily, I like the FS liner because it's very easy to use but I wasn't expecting it's lifespan, so I went back to my liquid liner. I also bought The Mascara because I'm running out of Mascara, and I don't want to end up in the middle of my gig, having no mascara to use at all, so it's better to prepare ahead and lastly the white pencil liner, seriously this is the main reason why I went to SM just to find a nice white liner, but the product that I want to buy is not available. so I don't have much time to waste as you all know I'm a full-time mom and I need to limit my time going outside because as of the moment we don't have baby sitter, so blessing in disguise that my husband has a mid shift, so I can do a little shopping time, back with the liner so far I've check all of the cosmetics booth but so far this eye liner is very nice compared to the rest.

I will be posting my review and first impression on these products soon, so keep posted.
Thanks for reading. How about you? what's your latest beauty haul? share your idea below.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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