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Nichido One Brand Makeup Tutorial (Full Face) | Cykaniki

Hello everyone,  how are you?  Today let's talk about local makeup brand. I started with this brand, because in my performing years,  we use this a lot in school presentation, contests and special occasions,  so I decided to make a makeup tutorial using the brand alone,

Nichido One brand makeup tutorial

Personally,  I prefer the cake foundation because I'm used to it,  so I trust it's quality and it's super affordable,  but today I'll try for the first time their Beige Foundation Stick (P150.00)
. If you're familiar with Mena it's a beauty cream,  the smell seems similar.  If you're particular with the smell then you will deal with it.  But for me it's not a big deal,  for its quality,  I like it,  it did not have a cakey effect it blends well into my skin and the color matches my skin.  It has a dewy finish that's why if you're on the oily side,  you need to set it with a powder.

Speaking of powder I used the Ivory setting powder my favorite as of the moment.  I love it, its my go to powder,  it gives you a smooth finish,  if you're watching my tutorials then you know that this is part of my makeup routine. I skip with concealer because the foundation covers my blemishes pretty well
Next will be the brows

I used the Nichido Brown Pencil (P36.50) and set it with the Brunette Brow Mascara. I usually used the brown eyebrow pencil for contouring my nose hahaha, just a simple trick.

Next will be dry contouring so, I bought the Cool Rum Blush (P88.00) and I also used it to contour a bit. I also used it as my transition color for my eyeshadow,

followed by the Raisin Wine (P68.00) on the outer crease and inner corner of my eye.

And on the center of my eyelid I used the Gold frost (P68.00)

Next I used the Liquid Eye Liner (P68.00)
What I really love about this liquid eyeliner is its applicator, its very easy to create a snatched winged liner because of it's fine tip.

And Waterproof Mascara (P188.00) which I was super impressed with its quality. This adds thickness and volume to my lashes, which is quite good for its price.

Next is my all time favorite Rosette Lip Liner  (P100.00)

And finish it with the beautiful satin moist lipstick under the shade of Party Queen.(150.00)

Nichido always impressed me with their product line.  As always they never fail me. This is one of the local makeup brands that I personally recommend for those, makeup enthusiast who want to spend less and still have a good quality makeup.

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