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Plantronics 326 Headset Review and Audio Test | Cykaniki

Hello everyone, how's life going on? I hope you had a fruitful and blessed day! Today's topic is all about this headset that I'm using on my online job. If you don't know about it, you can check my post here. To be specific one year and 7 months ago. I'm really hunting for an affordable headset which has a noise canceling features. I read and watched a lot of reviews and found out that the prices of the noise canceling headset are way too expensive. I don't want to splurge for a specific gadget alone. I have a lot of things to save and spend too. So more research is indeed a need. One of the criteria of my online job is a stable internet connection and background noises were discouraged for it will affect your overall rating. As you know me I'm on the cheaper side but as always not sacrificing the quality as well. 

So I landed on buying this headset at Lazada, this cost P890.00 plus shipping fee P99.00

The packaging was very sturdy and I love the design of the headset as well.

Product claims:
A superb voice quality for internet calling and full range stereo sound for your favorite music, movies or podcast. All with comfort and convenience.
Lighweight and flexible, the headset is comfortable for hours. Pillow-soft, swivel-mounted ear cushions focus stereo sound for maximum enjoyment

An adjustable boom lets you bring the microphone close for conversation. Stow it out of the way when listening to music or watching DVDs.

A noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise.

Convenient in-line controls let you adjust music volume and microphone volume or mute the microphone with just one touch.

 Pillow-soft, swivel-mounted ear cushions focus stereo sound for maximum enjoyment

Product specifications:

Speaker Drive Size: 32mm diameter
Speaker Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Microphone Frequency Response: 100Hz-8kHZ
Cable Length: 6.5 feet (3.5mm plugs)
Compatibility: Windows

This is actually the second time I bought this product because my first headset was broken by my 2-year-old son.

This headset actually meets my needs, Noise canceling feature is there, which indeed performed very well.
The adjustable microphone volume is also there which is a plus if you're using it on skype and most important thing is the mute button. 
I have a little problem on the mute button because it produces a click sound when you switched into mute mode, which is a little bit a downside because the other party could hear it, if you will just spare 2 minutes of your time to listen and watch the video I created 1 year and 4 months ago, you would definitely hear the difference. This is the only thing that I don't like but there's a workaround on it.
 I'm using the headset for my voice over in this video so that you could listen to the audio input. I hope you could watch the video if your planning to buy one. 

Allow me to share little background the main reason of my second purchase. As I mention that my 2-year-old son broke the first headset that I bought, so I opted to upgrade, maybe I could invest to a higher version so I indeed bought the Logitech H390 because it has a good reviews but to my surprise It doesn't really performed well on my laptop, it's producing a buzz sound which is annoying if you're having a skype conversation. I tried to find ways to remove the buzzing sound or even reduce it because I love the design and the elegance of the gadget. Two days of trying hard to keep the headset but it's not really working, The noise canceling feature is not working as well. I forgot to tell that it's a plug and play headset with USB port while the Plantronics 326 is an analog one. Going back with my dismay hahaha!!! Maybe it will really function at it's best if it will be used in desktop or other brands or OS. Currently, I'm using Toshiba Satellite i5 with OS Windows 10. Analog works best for my end I think, so I return the Logitech one and purchase new Plantronics 326. And indeed for me it's the best affordable and noise canceling headset ever in the market. How about you do you have recommendations? I would like to hear about it below, drop your comments and say hi. Thanks for dropping by in this little corner of mine. Godbless

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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