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4 Don’ts When Trying to Get Pregnant | Aspiring Mom tips

Hello my loves, how are you? again today I'll be sharing to you good news and tips. 

Trying to conceive may sound easy but to some couples, unfortunately, it doesn’t happen overnight. Some couples will even go to fertility doctors for professional help trying to conceive. And some, sadly, are still not pregnant, even after seeking medical help. If you and your partner are trying to conceive, there are things that you might need to avoid so that your fertility is not hurt. 

1. Don’t be too stressed
When a woman is stressed, her body releases hormones called Cortisol, which is said to greatly affect the body. We know getting rid of stress isn’t easy; however, you need to help yourself if you want to be able to get pregnant.

2. Don’t eat junk foods
Unhealthy food choice can cause damage to you and your partner’s fertility. A regular exercise regime and a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables will help boost your chances of conceiving.

3. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol
Smoking and alcohol are not just unhealthy for those who are getting pregnant. It is unhealthy for everyone. Try to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking little by little as it’s possible that this is the reason why you’re having trouble conceiving.

4. Don’t delay
When to seek professional help? Experts advise that a couple should start setting up an appointment with their doctor for help in getting pregnant when they’ve tried to get pregnant naturally for 6 months to no avail and if a woman is 35 and trying to conceive.

Doing these simple tips can go a long way for you and your partner. Try to follow these to help boost your chances. 

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