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Prenuptial Shoot with a twist of Adventure

Hello my loves,  how are you?  busy? If you'll ask me,  I'm quite busy lately.  If you've been reading my post you know my involvement with online work, Youtube and makeup gigs,  it's so overwhelming that people message you and asking how are you doing why I didn't see any uploads,  I miss your tutorials.
Wow, first of all thank you,  I never thought somebody out there really watching my videos,  thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  I promise to make more beauty videos,  but as of the moment let me share my latest gig which turns out to be an adventure kind of thing. One of my freelance job is to do hair and makeup for prenuptial shoot, weddings and etc.  So last few days praise God,  I had a client and the coordinator said it would be in Sirao,  so I'm so excited to see the beautiful flowers which all of my friends were able to see, I'm kind of late,  hahaha, but anyway our call time was 6am and indeed we arrived at the first venue which I thought exactly 9:30am, but the weather was not cooperating it's raining but slight,  I really prayed that hopefully this will push through because every preparation will be a waste of time then, so blessed that it didn't pour cats and dogs but, the photographer wanted to go to the venue where there's a lake, everyone walked even if it's slippery, I was so blessed with the couple because there smiling amidst of the long walk wearing formal attire with muds on their feet. To make the story short we arrived at this beautiful place

The long walk was worthed,  I wanted to take a lot of pictures but I'm really tired,  I just shot a little,  take a deep breath while gazing at the beautiful flowers.  It was so relaxing.
Here are some pictures we took. 

Photo credits to LLPure Actividades

And after that, packed up time  since the car is park at the top, we need to climb up again,  3 mountains, yes you heard it right,  but with a smile on our face we made it. After that, we are heading to our next-gen venue which is the working place of the bride,  just tool pictures in the library because she's a teacher,  the place resembles her occupation

Photo credit to LLpure Actividades

Next stop is the Cebu Yacht Club, because the groom is a marine officer so, it also resembles his occupation. We still have the last venue but we decided to stop in there and instead take some shoots with the sunset and wait until the second bridge will lit up because it a hood background for shots.
I made a video as usual for you guys to see it in actual, please enjoy the view and don't forget to subscribe and like.

Thank a lot for dropping by, I really appreciate your support. Godbless

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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