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Love That Protects Trade Activity with NIDO ADVANCED PROTECTUS 3+

Hello my loves, how are you? today I'll be sharing with you the exciting event that I'd experienced with NIDO Philippines. They had an ongoing event here in Cebu and I believe they are also doing it nationwide. It was a fun event which you can share with your whole family. There are games and coloring activity for kids and more. You can also try their NIDO ADVANCED PROTECTUS 3+. I personally tasted it, Its so creamy and tasty. I asked the staff if it's okay to drink it since it's for kids but the staff said it is suited for 3 years old and up. I wish my daughter is with me, but probably we will be back by the next day, because the activity will last until August 20, 2017, from 10 am to 9 pm.

What made me come to this event because Nido is part of our family, it's my kid's milk since they were still small and until now, my daughter and son are still drinking Nido.

Parents are wired to keep a watchful eye over our children, making sure they are healthy and safe. Our kids, on the other hand, would always want to go out, explore, and play with their friends. The reality is we as parents cannot be with our kids 24/7. There are times when we simply need to be away from our kids to fulfill other responsibilities, like going to work and attending to household chores. The new NIDO ADVANCED PROTECTUS 3+  helps us the confidence to do so, without having to worry about our little ones.

NIDO ADVANCED PROTECTUS 3+ has LACTOBACILLUS PROTECTUS, with the probiotic strain L. Rhamnosus, which not only helps protect children's tummies but also helps support their defense against pathogens in the upper respiratory tract.

In every 45g serving (4 tablespoons) of  NIDO ADVANCED PROTECTUS 3+ and NIDO ADVANCED PROTECTUS 5+, there are at least one billion colony forming unit(cfu) of L. Rhamnosus present.

Today's event at SM CITY CEBU NIDO ADVANCED PROTECTUS 3+  showcased how it helps moms show their children love that protects through an aptly heart-shaped activity booth headlined by interactive parent-child activities as what I mentioned earlier.

For kids, moms, and even dads to join in the fun, they simply need to buy 1 370g pack of NIDO ADVANCED PROTECTUS 3+ or 5+ from the nearby selling booth to get a 3 wrist tags. Inside, they can win special prizes by evading the dangers of the forest through the sound-controlled game SHOUT of LOVE

hugging to catch yellow hearts at CATCH the LOVE BUG,

 expressing their creativity by coloring templated artworks at COLOR ME LOVE,

and stating their commitment through a mom and child hand print and answering the question  How do you show your love that protects?"
The different activities allowed the participants to demonstrate their creativity and teamwork, and at the same time, provided parents and their kids with an educational, fun-filled family bonding day with NIDO ADVANCED PROTECTUS 3+

NIDO ADVANCED PROTECTUS #lovethatprotects activity booth is located at SM CITY CEBU food court area, hurry and join the fun until August 20, 2017. They will be also in DAVAO City for more information be sure to check their Facebook account 

Thank you so much for dropping by. I hope this information delighted your day.
Have fun and Godbless.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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