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Korean Dramas I've watched for the month of July and August

Hello my loves how are you? I hope everything's fine with you. Last June I wrote about Korean dramas that I watched (, so I decided to give you an update of how am I in this field. I'm totally hooked up with Korean dramas. And now I'll be sharing to you Korean Dramas I watched for the month of July, but since August is almost over so I'll be including it on this blog.

This is such a cute drama, This story does not consist of heavy effects, it has a light romance of athletes and a sweetness of youth combine, not a heavy drama, cruel villain and exaggeration, but this drama, will make you laugh, touch your heart and will make you fall in love, The chemistry of the characters were all well blended. Many can relate because this is a practical situation in school and in real life in particular. Such a good series. The Female character was young but indeed she's full of wisdom when she gave advice to his man who is having a family trouble, it did not mislead the Joon Hyung, Good job Kim book Joo

I can say that this is one of my favorite drama starred by Lee Jong Suk, He is one of my favorite actors. I like how he portrays roles. He is cute and handsome in a way. Hahahah! But I’m not going to talk about him, but the drama Doctor Stanger, I never imagine that I would like this drama, but since I started I couldn’t stop watching. The thrills and action packed drama, not just outside but it's more thrilling in the operating room. So breathe taking I tell you. And I personally love the ending, It’s not boring but super awesome ending so far. I love the characters, The pretentious in order to save the other part. So much suffering but worth to watch, some says that the main characters have no chemistry, but I think it’s the opposite, I love how they talked through their eyes. They’ve gone through a lot, but it didn’t stop them from chasing one another and saving one another. There are times that I doubted who is the main character, because of the different twist, but in the end. They match them perfectly. I just can’t get over it, for the villain side, I love it because it doesn't revolve around one character, but there are a lot of villains hahaha, Can you just imagine the girl went through a lot, after being into slavery, went to a specimen experiment, went to a certain training to become a spy, was considered dead and being tutored, By just wanting to see the guy whom she loves. My favorite part is, even the girl didn’t admit that she is the long lost love of the man, the man recognizes her just by listening to her heart beat. And the man said, if you have the same heart beat with the person, she will be your soulmate or destiny. I just can’t explain it, I’m a bit sad I’m done watching it, but this Korean Drama will really remain in my heart. Such unforgettable one. Good Job! Lee Jong Suk and the whole cast and production team.

Let’s Fight Ghost- This is a cute school romance, horror series. Both leads have a good chemistry. Mild and good for teenagers. The plot is good as well focused on a ghost who is lost and ended up that she is not yet dead but a wandering ghost who needs to know the truth behind the accident she encounters 5 years ago.

Cheese in a Trap- I thought I would not finish this drama at all, but as episode 3 started this keeps me excited with the next scenes. The male character was a little bit dumb. He can’t figure out his own feelings, but I love how he portrays this role, it's what makes everything exciting. The ending though just a bit of odd. It ended with a reply on an email. I wish I could see that they see each other and have a happy ending and confesses their true feelings.

My personal Taste - Personally I skipped a lot of episodes of this drama because it's too dragging. The episode that gives excitement started on the last 5 episodes. I don’t like Lee Min Ho character in this drama and I can’t see the big deal on their chemistry with the lead female. I can;t say much but this is a 2 star for me.

I can hear your voice  Another Korean Drama lead by Lee Jung Suk. This is more on Lawyer and a gifted child who can read minds. What makes this drama having an edge is that how the leads solve the mystery behind the cases that they're handling and the methods on how they will be able to catch the real culprit

Arang and Magistrate- This is one of my must watch series, though the effects of powers are not that advance, you will be persuaded with the skeleton of the drama itself. Both leads did a good job. Male and female leads are one of my favorites. This is quite a mystery plot, but overall rating would be 4.5

Blood This vampire story is quite good but, I’m not satisfied with the story itself, I think It will end with just 10 episodes, but there prolonging it and add dragging episodes. But the storyline is quite good. The ending is quite off, they see each other after the male died in a different country and just hold hands. Left me hanging with emotions. The cinematic effects are quite impressive though

Orange Marmalade A teenage love which originates in a very long time. It’s sort of reincarnation. But The only thing that bothers me, is the unexplainable jumping part from the modern era to Long lost history. The transition is quite off, though you would understand at the near end of the story.

Descendants of the Sun- At first I was not planning to watch it, but as I keep on checking its view page made me think why it is gaining a lot of views. So I gave in and watch it. It’s not my type of genre because it’s normally based on real life situation of a soldier and medical side. But it’s intriguing to watch how they overcome it and the secrecy of the male lead, made me watch it until the end without no regrets. The ending satisfies me and did not give me the hanging feeling at all. The chemistry of the both leads will make you fall in love. And I heard their getting married this year for real. Hahahaha, such a good chemistry though. First ever a character that made me fall in love with both leads.

Faith- This storyline is perfect for me, though the cinematic effects are quite off, you will be hooked with the story itself while the power effects bother me a bit, but never mind though.  Love the story twist, time traveling and the love from the girl who suffers to travel times a lot just to find the correct era to see her love. This is the first story that I’ve seen that the female lead is such a strong, full of wisdom and very useful to the male lead. I love this such a great 5 star for me.

My Shy Boss This Drama is true to its genre, You will really laugh all the way and fall in love as well. I love how the boss gains courage and with the help of his trusted employee's teamwork. I love this drama though it's not really full of action but the story itself will keep you awake, there's a little bit of mystery behind the true nature of the death of the sister of the main lead. There's a lot of twists but it makes the story more interesting. This is a 4.5 star for me.

K2  If you're looking for an action packed Korean drama with such beautiful and handsome leads then you will not regret watching this. I never thought I will be hooked on watching Ji Chang Wook and turned out to be one of his fans. He is a good actor indeed, His acting skills are superb if I may say. The story revolves involving government officials framed a well-trained soldier and ended up with the girl whose being abandoned by her father due to political ambition. And you will be amazed how both leads end up with each other. Honestly, They have a very good chemistry. This is really a must watch the korean drama. 

My Suspicious Partner  As trying to browse Ji Chang Wook. I decide to watch this because of the main lead and it turned out to be a page turner, there are 40 episodes on this. I thought that It will become dragging at the middle of the drama but this keeps me up all night, hahaha. The chemistry of the both leads are not that surprising but it's good compared to K2 both leads had a very strong impact. The story revolves in Law and a little bit of comedy and a very meticulous culprit who is having a revenge and killing a lot of people and turned out to framed the main lead female into a murderer of her ex-boyfriend. The male role was such an aggressive prosecutor whose known to be the worst prosecutor ever and turned out to be a good mentor. 

Must watch on this list.

1. K2
2. Descendants of the Sun
3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book So
4. Doctor Stranger
5. Suspicious Partner
6. Arang and Magastre
7. Blood
8. Faith

There you go, I'm currently watching Healer right now, but it will be on my future blog. It's impressive though, to be honest. It's also one of my must watch Korean dramas recommendations. Thank you so much for dropping by, till my next post.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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