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A Cebuanos’ Guide to Choosing A Nail Salon Wisely

Hello my loves, what's up? longing for a relaxing space for mom's like us or relaxing treat for your family. Well I have some tips for you. Why not go to pampering session at the most well known place all over the Philippines. 

When choosing a nail salon, what are some of the things that you take into consideration? Price points? Line-up of services? Nail polish options?
A trip to the nail salon isn’t just about gloss and shine for regular mani/pedi enthusiasts. It’s just as much about the experience as it is the quality of the service. So here are a few notes on what you should be looking for when you’re scouting for the perfect pampering destination:

Do your research
Don’t know exactly what you want? Go online and look at the websites or social media pages of the nail salons you want to try. You may also read on some blog posts about the salon. From here, you’ll learn a lot of things about each one, including their price points, quality of service and the experience they promise to deliver.

Ask about their hygiene protocols
Don’t be afraid to ask about what the salon does to ensure the quality and hygiene of their services. It’s not enough that they say they follow strict protocols, see for yourself if the salon interiors lend itself to their claims. Ask about the process they take to sanitize their tools if you’re unsatisfied.

Do the interiors support the experience?
By and large, nail salons that go the extra mile to whisk their clients off to a relaxing pampering experience get additional points. Apart from being clean, is the nail salon quiet and relaxing? Does the scent and music soothe your senses and make you forget your troubles? That goes a long way when it comes to redefining the mani/pedi experience.

How extensive are the services being offered?
Interiors and great service are nothing if the salon has very limited options. The best nail salons combine stringent hygiene standards, let’s you enjoy a relaxing pampering experience and gives you numerous options to choose from—be it a regular mani/pedi, a paraffin treatment or a foot spa, nail salons should be well equipped to provide you with what you need and do it well.

Ask your friends for recommendations
It might not always work, but one of the best ways to find a good nail salon is by asking the people you trust. Chances are, they will point you to an accessible establishment that always delivers.

After taking this useful nail salon guide into mind, it’s time to take a trip to the best one. Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa, the country’s top urban nail and spa destination, is pampering its Cebuano customers in three of the biggest malls in the metro.
Visit them on your next nail salon sesh at the 2/F South Wing of SM City Cebu, 3/F Ayala Center Cebu and at the 3/F SM Seaside City Cebu for a quality pampering experience. 

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Thanks a lot for dropping by, I will be posting soon my experience lately at the newly opened Nailaholic branch in Cebu located at SM Seaside. I had a great pampering session and guest what they will have a NATIONAL PAMPERING DAY this coming October 17, 2017. I'll be posting more of it on the blog so stay tune.

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