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Prenuptial Shoot at North Sand Bar

Hello my loves, how are you? I hope you had a great weekend. Yesterday was such a blessing well, every day is always a blessing, but yesterday was such an extraordinary for me. I had a client photo shoot and I'm assigned to do her hair and makeup. I thought that it will just be within Cebu premises, but as instructed we need to meet at Cordova Port 1 by 7 am. As early as I can as an artist one of my belief is to always be there ahead of time or just be there at the venue as early as I can. Bringin my things I always find my makeup gigs adventurous because sometimes I'm not familiar with the places, all I did was to ask different people in order to get to the venue. Indeed I arrived at the venue 6:30 am. I thought that we will just shoot near at the port but the couple rented a boat and according to my friend who hired me, it cost P7,000.00. By 8:30 am we started to sail and eventually reached our destination by 11:30 am. It's quite far but the place was super unrealistic. It's God's art. You can be overwhelmed with its beauty. The Island is so clean, the water is so beautiful and witnessing the horizon was astonishing. Everywhere you glance was such a piece of artwork. Though cameras can capture great photos, all I can think of when I was at the place is to look where my eyes lead. The beauty is unsatisfying because it's really beautiful.

You can visit the place whenever you like because it's not privately owned. but it's just too far. 

There were four sets of the shoot, but I haven't take a lot of photos because I'm also assisting the couple and did some retouched along the way.

While having a break here's a sneak peek of what we do, of course enjoying the moment.

This is my friend Apple together with our official photographer Mr. Anthony Suralta
and here are random pictures that I took for you to witness how beautiful is this place including the model, hahaha!!!!

I suggest if you're going to venture in this amazing place, it's good to bring food and water because as you know the travel time is quite long. The family of the couple is with us. While we're having the photo shoot the rest enjoyed swimming and catching fishes. I bet you're already convinced. I will definitely love to come back in here if given a chance. How about you what do you think? I personally thank Irene's family for this awesome treat, great food, great people and most of all great place. Praise God!

Honestly, this is the first time I've seen a starfish egg. How ironic it is the egg itself has a star sign. For me, it's quite shocking, I never thought of it. Have you seen one?  I am just the only one who hasn't seen such things. Hahahaha!!!!! just a side bit though! 

Thank you for dropping by, I really appreciate that you were able to share this place with me through these pictures that I showed to you. By the way, I have an on going giveaway, I hope you could share it and help me reach 1,500 subscribers. 

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We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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