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Halloween Makeup Looks 2020 COMPILATION

 I know this is kind of late but i just want to share on of my achievements on my youtube channel wherein I was able to upload consistently and made a Halloween Makeup series for 2020. I usally post 1 or 2 videos for Halloween, but this year I was able to upload 12 videos and I will be sharing it down below. 

Initially my plan was to collaborate with my youtube friends with the same niche which is under beauty category on youtube and I was able to do so for the first 2 looks but unfortunately some declined because of busy schedule and some don't really want to collaborate with me, but I totally understand though, anyway here's the 12 looks that I was able to make this years Halloween season and by the way I will be releasing Christmas Makeup looks soon by the start of December so please stay tuned and do't forget to subscribe, see you

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